Adriana Ortiz was hospitalized for concussion at CAZ vs. FC Juárez

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After get hit in the face by a ball and after applying the regulatory protocol, the player adriana ortiz was taken to the hospital so that she could undergo medical tests and remain under surveillance due to the severe blow she received during the match between Women’s Blue Cross and FC Juárez Femenil of the Sub-category17.

The MX League and the cement team issued a statement in which they reported that the player was out of danger, but that yes it was necessary to take her to the hospital for review.

“The soccer player Adriana Ortiz Izar Cruz Azul was transferred to the hospital, following all shock protocols, after, Unfortunately, he vanished on the field after a ball hit in the face at minute 41 of the match”, states the statement.

The forward of the light blue youth team presented a strong blow to the head and for this reason she has stayed in the Hospital Angeles de Acoxpto.

“According to the medical report, the soccer player is currently stable. She has been checked and valued and is kept under observation after presenting a head injury”, detailed the text.

“In the hospital, in addition to the team doctor, there are directors of the Club Cruz Azull, who have maintained constant communication with the young woman’s family.”

Women’s Blue Cross U-17 beat FC Juarez 2-1 with goals from Yessica Olivares and Jatziry Bolaños, while Myrna Medrano discounted for the border team in a duel held on the Cruz Azul Acoxpa fields.

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