Adriana Pinzón: Causes of the death of the psychologist

Adriana Pinzón’s body was found in black bags near a pipe in the municipality of Zipaquirá.

Legal Medicine, released the details of the autopsy that was performed to the body of the psychologist Adriana Pinzón, which was found in black bags in a pipe in the municipality of Zipaquirá (Cundinamarca).

The woman who disappeared last June 7, apparently would have been murdered by her brother-in-law Jonathan Torres, who, according to the investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office, wanted to rob her a large sum of money that was the savings of the professional and in turn collect a policy that had been purchased a few days before his strange disappearance.

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According to data from the entity, Adriana Pinzón’s body had injuries that were caused by a sharp weapon, which led to the man killing her with two stab wounds. He then proceeded to suffocate her to death.

Although it was known that the body was already decomposing. It was Torres himself, who acknowledged that he was a participant in the murder of the victim and also in his confession said that there are more people involved.

The Prosecutor in charge of the case said that he has enough probative material that would certify that Pinzón’s brother-in-law was the last person to see her alive, which allowed that he contradicted the versions of his brother-in-law in which he tried to avoid diverting the authorities so that they could find the whereabouts of the psychologist’s assaulted body.

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The key clue that the entity had to incriminate Jonathan Torres, was the testimony of one of his relatives, who said that the person involved gave him to save a small briefcase containing some knives that had some blood stains and, in addition, documents, photographs and Adriana Pinzón’s driver’s license.

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