Advances in Alzheimer’s, cardiology, myeloma and big data will be the focus of the IDIVAL International Forum on Precision Medicine – El Farad

Advances in Alzheimer’s, big data and health data analysis, cardiology and myeloma will be the focus of the second phase of the International Forum on Precision Medicine at the Valdecilla Health Research Institute (IDIVAL), whose objective is to share latest knowledge related to precision medicine from different fields of medicine and research.

Thus, the ‘International Precision Medicine Forum’, which begins on October 3, will address from different disciplines the challenges posed by personalized medicine and the individualized and personalized treatment of patients, one of the main focuses of clinical research at the world.

It will have four programmed modules, the first of which will review the advances and knowledge about the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease, its risk factors and its earliest manifestations, which are allowing the spectrum of the disease to be defined, even in presymptomatic phases, and identify the risk of developing it in the future. Registration is open and can be done through the IDIVAL website.

Fully endorsed by the ITEMAS innovation platform and the biobanks and biomodels platform, both from the Carlos III Health Institute, and by the Spanish Society of Clinical Pharmacology, this forum is aimed at clinicians, researchers, managers and support staff at a national and international level. , will be a meeting point to discuss and reflect on the challenges in health. The first part of the forum had nearly 2,000 attendees from 29 countries in its nine modules.

Precision medicine, axis of the IDIVAL Strategic Plan

In general, precision or personalized medicine constitutes one of the strategic axes of the new IDIVAL Strategic Plan 2022-2026, and one of the priority lines of work of the Spanish Strategy for Precision Medicine at a national and global level.

And it is that IDIVAL and Valdecilla are committed to precision medicine as a key and strategic axis for Cantabria. Thus, in April 2021, the Cantabria Cohort, the precision medicine project in Cantabria, led by Dr. Marcos López Hoyos, started in April 2021 and, to date, has recruited 18,000 volunteers with an eye toward reaching 50,000 and becoming a of the largest cohorts in the world.

In this way, the Cantabria Cohort collects health, socioeconomic and lifestyle data from all the volunteers, generating a fully anonymized database that includes information on lifestyles, diseases, risk factors for disease, composition data body, blood samples that will allow genetic studies and data from activity measurement devices of the participants that will help improve knowledge of some pathologies and advance the applicability of precision medicine.

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