AFAL Melilla celebrates its 25 years with a greater desire to continue working for users

The Melilla Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s Patients (AFAL) celebrated its 25th anniversary with an event at the Melilla Puerto Hotel this afternoon.

was recognized all table chair Who have collaborated with the Association in the last 25 years World Alzheimer’s Day.

Notable among the participants of the event was the presence of the Minister of Social Policy and Public Health, randa mohammed, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports; Miguel Angel Fernandez Bonemaison, Director of Immerso, Veronica Aznar, General Commander of Melilla, luis saez rocandio, Deputy in the Assembly for Political Formation, Somos Melilla; Amin Azmani, As well as members of AFAL and other organizations.

In addition, the event was also attended by the President of the Spanish Alzheimer’s Confederation (CEAFA). Maria Dolores Almagro,

Almagro said that it was an honor for CEAFA to be present at the event, after 25 years of work by the association for the benefit of people affected by Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, he expressed his support for the work that AFAL has been doing over the years.

CEAFA President appreciated the work being done by the Association

“Where there was no one, not even the administration, an association was started,” he said.

He also reminded that AFAL is a member entity of the Spanish Confederation, so it cooperates in all the activities carried out by CEAFA. Furthermore, for the next 25 years, Almagro requested treatments that would prevent or make the disease chronic. “It should be diagnosed early so that it can be caught in time,” he said.

On the other hand, AFAL President María Dolores Arzonilla was very satisfied with the work done by the association during these 25 years.

For Arzonilla, the main objective for the coming years is to continue working “as before”. According to Melilla, president of AFAL, the most important thing is to work with the same concern as always for the association’s users.

As a balance of these 25 years, Arzonilla believes that, despite the bad times he has experienced, it is worthwhile to reach this moment, because 25 years ago he said that Alzheimer’s was taboo. However, today he speaks absolutely naturally, which he considers “an achievement”.

Finally, the Minister of Social Policy described the growth of the association in recent years as something to be “proud of”, as well as the support work it has done for the families of those affected.

“The city needs more of this type of support that reaches places where the administration doesn’t reach. It’s 25 years, but I think there’s at least 25 years left in it,” Mohammed said.


María Dolores Arzonilla began reading a report where she wanted to talk about the origins of the association and how advances have been made in the treatment of this disease.

After that reading, AFAL Melilla gave several recognitions to the chairmen of the petition tables and other entities that have collaborated with the association over the past 25 years.

Once the program is over, a with mouth open To the people present.


The events AFAL is organizing for its anniversary began last September to talk Taught by a psychologist and a social worker at the Red Cross.

He 21st Septemberhappened on World Alzheimer’s Day, where was it read manifesto Prepared by CEAFA which was requested More Innovation and Research To fight this disease. Once the manifesto was read, two prizes were awarded, one to Civil Guard Corps and second to the Minister of Social Policies and Public Health, Randa Mohammed; for your cooperation. In addition, separate petition tables were set up in different parts of the city.

then day 6th October was launched documentary film ‘I have Alzheimer’s but I’m still me’ in UNED’s Room 110 on Alzheimer’s. The cases of three families and the implications of this disease at this screening were discussed.

next, day 8 incident of the same month’‘Solidarity Path’ civil guard Against Alzheimer’s.

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