AFAL, Parkinson Cartagena and TP Cartagena are awaiting their transfer to the old San Anton Health Center, which is closed and in poor condition.

Cartagena. One year after receiving transfer to Municipal Council Old Health Center of San Anton, the asset remains closed and has undoubted signs of decline. so lOr so claimed Ana Belén Castejón, municipal spokesperson for C.Cartagena., “More than a year has passed and the old health center is still closed and, worse, shows clear signs of deterioration. There are already several paintings in the foreground, “The water meter registry is open and we fear that, if the City Council does not act now, the cost of collection will increase significantly,” Castejon explained.

Recall that in September 2022, after several efforts, the Cartagena City Council obtained the transfer of the old San Anton Health Center from the General Treasury of Social Security. With this transfer, the Social Services Department of the City Council, directed by Mercedes García, aimed to locate associations ToFAL, Parkinson Cartagena and TP Cartagena.

The objective of this initiative promoted by the Department of Social Services in the last Legislature Its purpose was to provide more space and better facilities for the care of Alzheimer’s patients. and other social-hygienic diseases and their families.

It is estimated that about 5,000 people in Cartagena suffer from some type of neurodegenerative disease, such as, for example, Alzheimer’s. For this reason, different associations work to try to stop their progression, although, on some occasions, it is difficult to accurately determine this dementia.

For example, AFAL offers workshops and activities for people affected by Alzheimer’s at nine locations in the municipality, including senior centers and social complexes. In this way, they carry out different initiatives, such as preventive or memory workshops in Los Barreros, José María de la Puerta, Los Nietos or Barriada Hispanoamerica, but they need a fixed headquarters where they can offer their services. Good condition.

“On behalf of SI Cartagena we consider it necessary that, while the investments that the City Council should make come, “Maintenance and conservation work is started immediately and these groups are also in place to prevent the building from deteriorating irreversibly.”Castejon concluded.

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