After breaking up with Belinda, Christian Nodal confesses in ‘Rolling Stone’ that he attempted against his life

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Mexico City.- The famous Sonoran singer Christian Nodal once again he is giving something to talk about because while the controversies continue to increase over his breakup with the pop star Belindanow he reaps a new success in his career as he was chosen to star in the front page of the magazine Rolling Stone in Spanishto which he gave an intimate interview in which he confessed details of his private life like never before.

The interpreter of songs like Goodbye Love Y We are no longer nor will we be He has shown a face that few knew before he dated the Mexican-Spanish singer and actress and that is that with her he began to pose for important magazines and now that he is single, he still does not give up modeling. A few weeks ago he surprised by posing for Playboy and now surprises by appearing on the front page of the important music magazine.

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Nodal was honest like never before before this media outlet, with whom he spoke in mid-May at his home in Los Angeles, California. The renowned singer explained that from a very young age he had to face hostile scenarios at home because he was raised by his grandmother, since his father and mother worked very hard to get him and his brothers ahead.

Also, the one born in the small town of Caborca, Sonoraremembered how difficult it was for him to have to see his mother, Christy Nodalhaving seizures constantly due to suffering from epilepsy: “It was really hard to get home from school and hope my mom wasn’t having a seizure,” he recalled, then moved on to another delicate moment in his teens: The time he tried attempt on his life.

Yes, Belinda’s famous ex-fiancé made it clear that a love disappointment was not the worst experience of his life and recalled that in his adolescence his grandmother saved his life after making a wrong decision: “There was no father, there was no mother. My parents were my grandparents. Once I wanted to jump from a second floor, thinking it would hurt me, but my grandmother saved me: ‘Christian! Chamaco pen…!'” she recounted.

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And although Christian currently has no financial limitations and is considered one of the most successful Mexican artists of recent times, the young man from 23 years He recalled that his childhood was not easy at all and confessed that he never had luxuries like other children: “I didn’t have a cell phone until I was 16 years old, I didn’t have video games, or anything like that, those things belonged to the rich cousins. So in my house they I played hide-and-seek, quemones, spinning tops, making little houses in the tree, do you understand me? All very innocent. I learned to use my imagination. “

Of course, Nodal did not stop reiterating that he knew the love of music thanks to his family, since almost everyone was involved in this guild and said that he met God thanks to music. In addition, the singer from Sonora explained that he is currently living a very full moment: “Right now I am enjoying it, I am enjoying my audience, I am enjoying traveling, I am enjoying everything, literally everything.”

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