After consecrating herself in her role as Lady Di, look at which singer Kristen Stewart could embody in an upcoming project – Revista Para Ti

Avril Lavigne assured that, if she filmed her autobiography, she would love for Kristen Stewart to be the one who interprets her.

avril lavigne has his sights on Kristen Stewart to star in his biopic. Although the rocker does not have any projects in the works, she told Access Hollywood that in case of doing one, he would like the actress nominated for the Oscar for Spencer, the interpreter.

Kristen Stewart would be great to play me in a movie. Yeah, she’s great,” he declared. Lavigne while walking down the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2022.

The former protagonist of the saga Twilight has some credibility in the rock star genre, after playing Joan Jett in the film The Runaways (2019), along with Dakota Fanning What Chery Currie.

Jett, who is now 63 years old, told MTVNews in 2009 how come Stewart He got so involved in the character to represent her in the film: She listened to my accent and watched my body language. She is a compelling actress, honest, with integrity and depth, and she is very serious. She takes it as an art, ”he revealed. Jett so.

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