After controversy over her health, Cara Delevingne is seen in Paris

For a few weeks, the Super model british Cara Delevingne She has remained in trends but not because of a catwalk, but because of the concern that her fans and relatives have expressed after her appearances where she looks deteriorated.

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After all the commotion that it has generated, now she has been seen alone traveling through Paris, although there is no information about any catwalk or presentation where she participates.

According to information from TMZ Delevingne arrived in Europe last Monday, there she was captured alone using a mask, hat and dark glasses, so this time her face could not be seen, which has caused such a stir.

At the moment it is known that the family of the famous already has planned a intervention. Suspicions revolve around mental problems and abuse of illegal substances.

For their part, fans of Delevingne have been expressing their concern for the star after she was seen smoking a kind of pipe while sitting alone in a car, other images shared captured her with a visibly haggard face at the Van Nuys airport. in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old has shown an imbalance in her life in her last appearances. According to TMZ a little over a week ago, her friend Margot Robbie was caught crying outside Delevigne’s house, after being with her for a while.

The absence of the supermodel at an event in collaboration with designer Karl Lagerfeld also caused controversy.

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Finishing off his attitude at the last installment of the Billboard Music Awards which he attended with the model Megan Thee Stallion. Delevingne appeared in photos of her making strange faces and some international media branded her a “stalker” for her alleged harassing behavior with various celebrities.

“We are all incredibly worried. The situation has been building up for a few weeks and Cara’s family is involved,” a close friend told US outlet The Sun on Wednesday.

Delevingne’s parents, wealthy property developer Charles Delevingne and his wife Pandora live in England. The model also has three brothers.


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