After films and a series, Jumanji becomes an attraction

This project was carried out in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment. The first visuals reveal the creation of a replica of the book’s jungle and these multiple adaptations. While it is already known that a Jaguar shrine approximately 17 meters high will be installed, the World of Jumanji rides and attractions will be unveiled over the next few months, according to ComicBook.

On 52 hectares, 40 rides and wild attractions, a zoo with more than 1000 majestic animals, two themed hotels, as well as a glamping, or glamorous camping, is what Tim Harrison-Jones, branch manager at the Chessington World of Adventures Resort, announces. And to add: What’s more exciting than bringing the global blockbuster movie franchise to life Jumanji in the biggest project Chessington has ever carried. »

Here is the synopsis of the original novel:

Initially, a simple box, a kind of game of jungle goose. Except that in the “lion” box a lion appears and attacks for real; at the “monkeys” hut, macaques ransack the kitchen…

A real nightmare for children who risk it, whose only way out is to go to the end!

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Also, a new movie Jumanji is also in preparation, still with Dwayne Johnson. The 2017 adaptation was a huge hit, grossing over $960 million at the global box office, motivating producers to make a sequel.NextLevel, released in 2019. Big success again, with $800 million earned worldwide. Why then deprive yourself of such a hen with golden eggs?

Credits: Chessington World of Adventures Resort

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