After making fun of Mexico, FIFA would finally give Dibu Martínez what he deserved

Emiliano Martinez / Gianni Infantino
Emiliano Martinez / Gianni Infantino

Emiliano Martinez He has been one of the most controversial players in the Qatar World Cup 2022. Since the preview of the World Cup tournament, the goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team entered the controversy after reacting negatively to the Selection mexicansince he celebrated and between shouts left the indelible ‘easy, easy’.

The icing on the cake came when ‘Dibu’ himself insulted a Mexican fan who tried to give him a charro hat. The Argentine goalkeeper closed his scandal by insulting the fan, telling him to “put that hat down the ort” or “give it to Memo Ochoa, silly.”

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Now it seems that the FIFA He will finally take action on the matter, according to infobae, since he opened a file due to the conduct of some Albiceleste players, which most likely includes Martínez. In addition to the aforementioned with Mexico, it should be noted that the goalkeeper also entered into controversy after his mockery against the French National Team.

What does the FIFA statement say?

“The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has initiated a procedure against the Argentine Football Association due to possible breach of articles 11 (Offensive conduct and violations of the principles of fair play) and 12 (Incorrect conduct of players and officials) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, as well as art. 44 of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Regulations and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Marketing and Media Regulations during the FIFA World Cup final between Argentina and France” he wrote.

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