After removing Guaidó, the Venezuelan opposition hopes to have international support

National Commission for Primary (NTN24)
National Commission for Primary (NTN24)

The Venezuelan opposition grouped in the Unitary Platform affirmed this Wednesday that aspires to have the support of the international community in the primary election process in which a candidate will be chosen to face Chavismo in the presidential elections, scheduled for 2024.

“We hope to have the support of the international community during the primary election process promoted by the Democratic Unitary Platform and thus, united, work for the future of Venezuela”the coalition said in a message posted on Twitter.

Likewise, he thanked the support expressed by the governments of the United States, France and Germany with the “struggle for freedom and democracy, the main desires of Venezuelans.”

“The struggle of all Venezuelans has international allies of great importance that remain firm in support for free presidential elections in Venezuela to solve the crisis that affects us all”, he added.

The White House affirmed this Wednesday that it will continue to coordinate with the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guaido and “other democratic leaders who think similarly” from Venezuela, although he avoided clarifying whether he continues to recognize him as interim president of the Latin American country.

The spokesman for the US Government’s National Security Council, John Kirbyreiterated in a telephone press conference that Washington continues to recognize the authority of the 2015 Venezuelan National Assembly. “We recognize it as the last democratic institution left there,” Kirby insisted.

The spokesman made the remarks a day after the State Department said it respects the decision of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly in 2015 to abolish the so-called interim government of Juan Guaidó, which Washington has been recognizing as interim president of the South American country.

The US ratified its commitment to Juan Guaidó and other opposition leaders in Venezuela (REUTERS/Leonardo Fernández Viloria)
The US ratified its commitment to Juan Guaidó and other opposition leaders in Venezuela (REUTERS/Leonardo Fernández Viloria)

The 2015 Assembly, whose mandate has already expired and which does not recognize the 2021 Legislative Assembly with an official majority, decided last Friday to abolish the Guaidó Executive, which the United States had recognized since 2019, despite not having effective power in the country.

Regarding Guaidó, Kirby indicated that he was not going to get into hypotheses and recalled that this opposition figure continues to be a member of the 2015 National Assembly: “We are going to continue to coordinate with him and other like-minded democratic leaders and actors there in Venezuela to support the Venezuelan people.”

The US spokesman did not want to go into what the next steps of the US government will be with respect to its support for the Venezuelan opposition.

The Venezuelan opposition announced last December that the primary elections could be held on June 25, 2023, a date that has not yet been set but that has served as a guide for planning these elections.

Since last May, when the opposition reported that it would choose a unitary presidential candidate through primaries, the procedures that will govern it have been brought forward, but a schedule for the process has not yet been presented.

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