After the success of Elastigirl, this is the best characterization of Jannetincosplay, the Mística cosplay

Mística’s cosplay is so incredible that nothing has to envy the originals of Jennifer Lawrence, Rebecca Romijn or the parody of Carmen Electra

We are amazed to see Jannet characterized as the superheroine of ‘The Incredibles‘. Her Elastigirl cosplay has caused a sensation. The professionalism that this cosplayer brings to her work, together with the passion that she puts into it, allows us to enjoy some spectacular characterizations.

On this occasion we bring you a new cosplay of this Queen of cosplays related to a mutant who makes perfect characterizations, but thanks to her powers, without the need for hours and hours of makeup, we are referring to Raven DarkhölmeMystic.

The character is a prominent member of the X-Men. Created by Chris Claremont Y Dave Crockumhis cartoon debut occurs for the first time in ‘ms marvel#16published in the year 1978. This mutant is a shapeshifter, meaning she can alter her appearance to look like anyone and has the ability to mimic the powers of others. She has had a difficult life, and throughout history she has played both sides. She has served as a villain and a superhero.

He has a complex personality, has a tough character and morally ambiguous principles. The nature of her mutant powers make her a master of disguise, infiltration, and manipulation. That makes Mystique a formidable opponent.

Mistica Cosplay - Mistica Cosplay - jannetincosplay - X-Men

Mystique’s Cosplay

The work done by jannetincosplay it is uppercase. A real barbarity. Excellent characterization supported by a good job in lighting and style. The cosplayer is a photographer who makes a living creating content that she uploads to her different social networks. Her cosplays are enthusiastically welcomed and praised by many fans.and in La Casa de EL he has become a star.

If you liked the characterization of jannetincosplay and you want to discover more of his work, here we leave you his instagram.

Instagram Source // Cover Image Shannon Maer

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Rosanna Rocha and her amazing Mística bodypaint cosplay. Cosplayer Rosanna Rocha transforms into Raven Darkholme, the shapeshifting mutant better known as Mystique, with only body makeup.

Mystic - featured

Karol G, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Shakira, Kelly Rowland and Kendall Jenner among the best cosplay of the year. Cosplay to sack. This Halloween has come strong. In addition to Rosalía and her boyfriend Rauw Alejandro, many artists and celebrities have set the networks on fire.

Cosplay + Halloween 2022

The Ursula cosplay from The Little Mermaid by Joo Skellington that will leave you speechless. There are no words to describe this terrifying and highly successful cosplay of Úrsula, the villain who takes away Ariel’s voice in The Little Mermaid, by this Mexican artist.

Cosplay -ursula - The Little Mermaid

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