After years of speculation, Lucero finally breaks the silence about her alleged fake wedding with Manuel Mijares

In 1997, the public closely followed the televised wedding of bright Star Y Manuel Mijares. And, although thousands of people were moved by their love storythere were those who pointed out that their courtship and the marriage bond were “an arrangement” of Televisa to give them the image of the perfect family.

However, after more than two decades of speculation, the so-called “Bride of America” ​​broke the silence to respond to the rumors.

At a press conference to promote his recent tour with Manuel Mijares, Lucero stood up to the rumor which suggests that her wedding with the interpreter of was actually an “agreement”.

We have laughed for 25 years when they said that our wedding had been a contractor, that they forced us to sign that we had to have two children, that is, do me a favor if that could be something normal in life!

However, that was not the only rumor that the famous one addressed during her talk with the press, as she spoke of the reasons that led her to join her talent to that of her ex-husband for the tour “Until it was done to us”. Over there ruled out that the lack of money and the stoppage of activities derived from the coronavirus pandemic were the reason behind their “musical reunion”.

“Manuel has more work than ever, I have thousands of things and projects to do, and perhaps some intense red-bone fans say ‘they’re going to come back because you saw how he grabbed his hand, yes he grabbed his hand’, beyond that is being able to enjoy our songs“,

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