Against all odds, a small BTC miner managed to solve a block

Against all odds, a single Bitcoin (BTC) miner from the Solo CK mining pool added a new block on the Bitcoin blockchain, earning 6.25 BTC ($ 275,000) for his efforts.

The lucky miner, who may have only been mining one or two devices, solved a block with a hash rate of just 126 TH / s. Standing to a tweet published on Tuesday by Con Kolivas, admin of Solo, it would be about 0.000072% of the total hash rate of the Bitcoin network, or 175,000,000 TH / s.

Hass McCook, a Bitcoin mining expert and a member of the Bitcoin Mining Council, told Cointelegraph that he had never heard of anything like this:

“Say this [avvenimento] be rare is an understatement! Typically, with 0.000072% hash rate, Only CK would win on average 0.000072% of the blocks … or 1 in 1,400,000. With Bitcoin everything is probabilistic, even the settlement of transactions. The more confirmations you accumulate on your tx, the less likely it is to be revoked. “

According to McCook, the miner may have only used one device:

“The Antminer S19 is a 110 TH / s machine, so Solo CK may have mined with only one overclocked device. It is more likely that they were 5 or 6 units of Antminer S9. Anyway it is likely that he is a miner operating from his home. ”

A machine’s hash rate determines how many hash, or math problems, can solve to the second. On average, a new block is generated on Bitcoin every 10 minutes. The chances that a miner with such a low hash rate will be able to generate even a single block over the course of an entire day are almost nil, 1 in 10,000:

“For the miner in question, this event will not repeat itself. Statistically, the largest miners usually solve the blocks, but theoretically even the smallest of miners could succeed if lucky enough.”

McCook finally said that, about a year ago, a small miner in his pool solved a block.

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