Agonizing and balsamic triumph of Real Sociedad over Honduras Progreso that puts the fight for non-relegation red hot


Welcome to minute by minute of Real Sociedad – Honduras Progreso!

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FINISHED: Real Sociedad beat Honduras Progreso in agony 3-2 with goals from Álvaro Torres, Diego Reyes and Edder Delgado and is two points behind the Ribereños.

90+5′ GOOOOOLAAAAZOOOO FROM THE REAL SOCIETY! Edder Delgado scores a superb goal via free kick to give Real Sociedad the win. Beautiful goal.

90+4′ YELLOW! Ilce Barahona, a Honduras Progreso player, is booked for an infraction.

89 & # 39; GOOOOOLAAAZOO FOR HONDURAS PROGRESO! Julián Martínez sends it to the squad in a shot from outside the area and puts delirium in the Progreso team. Spectacular goal from ‘Tierrita’ placed. Impossible for Marcos Allen.

87′ Violent kick from Edder Delgado that goes astray and over the crossbar of the progreso portico.

81′ Change in Honduras Progress:
Entered: Denuar Figueroa
Out: Tomás Sorto

81′ Change in Honduras Progress:
Entered: Ilce Barahona
Out: Albert Galindo

78′ YELLOW! Ángel Barrios, a Honduras Progreso player, is cautioned for infraction.

78′ Diego Reyes’ volley attempt that does not worry Rafa Zúniga. Follow the Royal Society in Tocoa.

73′ Change in Real Sociedad:
Entered: Carlos Sabillon
Out: Samuel Pozantes

73′ Change in Real Sociedad:
Entered: Déxter Mónico
Out: Álvaro Torres

67′ RED! Alberto Paredes, a Honduras Progreso player, is sent off for a devious foul against Álvaro Torres.

62′ Change in Real Sociedad:
Entered: Maynor Arzú
Out: Wilmer Crisanto

60′ Real Sociedad resists the onslaught of Honduras Progreso, who wants the equalizer.

58′ Change in Honduras Progress:
Entered: Jose Dominguez
Out: Jhan Mora

52′ Ufff… Edder Delgado pumped the ball when he saw Rafa Zúniga come out but it went over the crossbar of the goal.

49′ Good cross from Wilmer Crisanto but Rony Martínez crashed the ball into one of the uprights of the riverside goal.

Start the complement stage in Tocoa: Real Sociedad is going to maintain the advantage while the progreseños for the tie and then the comeback.

The first period is over: Real Sociedad is beating Honduras Progreso 2-1 in a gritted teeth match at the Roberto Martínez de Tocoa.

45+3′ GOOOOOLLL FROM HONDURAS PROGRESO! The Colombian Jhan Carlos Mora appears in the area to the surprise of the Real Sociedad defense after a throw-in and with a placed shot puts the discount.

Four. Five’ Uff… Dixon Ramírez’s goal-scented header that goes past Marcos Allen’s left post.

38′ Real Sociedad owns the party. The riversiders have stayed in the game, they don’t react and that’s why John Jairo López moves his board.

37′ Change in Honduras Progress:
Entered: Carlos Perez
Out: Rodin Quiñones

35 & # 39; GOOOOOLAAAAAZOO OF THE REAL SOCIETY! Play by Uruguayan Álvaro Torres who shakes off several marks and with pleasure serves the ball to Diego Reyes who defines the 2-0.

29′ GOOOOOLLLLL OF THE REAL SOCIETY! The Uruguayan Álvaro Torres scores the first of the game with a header from a great center by Diego Reyes, who is one of the best of the Tocoeños.

27′ Uruguayan Álvaro Torres shot that impacts the humanity of defender Albert Galindo. The tocoeños keep trying to do harm.

23′ Real Sociedad has taken more determination in the game while Honduras Progreso is staying.

17′ New arrival from Tocoa. Samuel Pozantes won the last line and sent a shut cross that hit the outside post of the riverside goal.

14′ Diego Reyes tries but before finishing off he goes to the ground. He did not keep his balance and the ball is controlled by the defense of Honduras Progreso.

10′ Ufff… Harold Sandoval tries it after a bad rebound from the red defense and with a right shot makes Marcos Allen jump to his left to take care of his goal.

8′ Uyyy… the most dangerous play of the oilers in their first climb. Play by Diego Reyes who served Crisanto, crossed into the area and the defense is not clear with the goalkeeper.

5′ Honduras Progreso does not allow Real Sociedad to pass from the midfield.

3′ YELLOW! Harold Sandoval, soccer player for Honduras Progreso, is reprimanded for an infraction.

2′ Hard foul by Colombian Harold Sandoval against the humanity of César Oseguera, a Real Sociedad footballer.

STARTED! Real Sociedad and Honduras Progreso already play in Tocoa.

Little influx of public in the Tocoeño stadium despite the fact that the Real Sociedad board of directors put it free on popular lines.

The two teams are already installed in the Roberto Martínez Durón de Tocoa.

Alignment of Honduras Progreso: Rafael Zuniga; Angel Barrios, Albert Galindo, Alberto Paredes, Dixon Ramirez; Luis Garrido, Julián Martínez, Rodin Quiñónez, Tomas Sorto; Harold Sandoval and Jhan Mora.

Alignment of Real Sociedad: Mark Allen; Wilmer Crisanto, Luis Ortiz, Samuel Pozantes, Riky Zapata; Edder Delgado, Cesar Oseguera, Alvaro Torres, Deyron Martinez; Diego Reyes and Rony Martinez.

The game starts at 3:30 in the afternoon. They are the two teams most committed to non-relegation. Right now the club from Progress has five points above the oil players.

Welcome friends of TEN. From Tocoa we are installed to bring you detail by detail of the great match for the non-relegation between Real Sociedad and Honduras Progreso.

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