Agricultores REVEALED lineup for Caribbean Series debut

By Alex Fernandez Fernandez

The Caribbean Series will once again have a team from Cuba, Agricultores.

Although as a guest because we already know that for a long time we did not meet certain requirements to be a permanent member of a party that had the largest of the Antilles precisely as its founding entity.

After the vicissitudes of the first Cuban Baseball Elite League, there was finally a winner: Farmers.

The team that was beaten in preparation by a part of the squad that will represent the Island in the World Classic clearly has a lot to iron out if it wants to win a game in Caracas.

The leadoff hitter will be Yunieski Larduet. The player from Las Tunas, already an experienced player, will shine in the central field. He was the leader of the batch in the recent Elite championship that the eastern team won.

Raico Santos, one of the luxury reinforcements that arrived from Mexico, although he has a gene from Granma, will occupy the right field. He will be second in the lineup.

The third in the batch will be Yordanis Alarcón, one of those who was left out of the cast for the Clásico. He’ll be the middle man. Then his brother Yosvani, the catcher who was thought to also be in the World Classic, will be responsible for the fourth wood.

Another player from Las Tunas, Rafael Viñales, will occupy the designated position and will succeed him in the lineup. Guillermo Avilés will be the other left-hander in the line up. He will be on first base. Although the third baseman, Abreu, will enter the lineup first.

The batch from eighth to ninth will be made up of Denis Laza, the left field, while Andrés de La Cruz will be responsible for the short stops.

César García, the right-handed pitcher marked with the number nine, will be sent to the box.

On Thursday, February 2 at 10:30 am against Curacao, at the Jorge Luis García Carneiro stadium, in La Guaira, the farmers will be in their debut.

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