AGSAL Receives New Water Quality Certificate – Zocalo Newspaper

Saltillo, Coa.- for the sixth year in a row, Aguas de Saltillo manages to certify the quality of its production, by the Ministry of Health.

under secretary of health regulation and promotion, Sergio de la Parra Zuambelz validated compliance with the conditions of the system; as well as bacteriological quality and physical chemistry of water for human use and consumption, Corresponding to tanks, distribution networks and wells in the catchment areas of Loma Alta, Zapaliname, San Lorenzo, Terneras, Agua Nueva, Ram and in the urban area.

Certificate valid till 2nd half of Aug 2024Can be canceled only in cases of irregularities.

Health Ministry personnel verified the infrastructure of 94 deep wells, 31 chlorination booths and 99 storage tanks.

Similarly Water analysis was done at 15 major sampling pointswhere color, odor and taste, turbidity, arsenic, cadmium and sulfates levels, among others, were reviewed.

one of the verbs necessary to guarantee the health of the community Water quality monitoring has been done in Coahuila.

at the state level, in distribution networks for human use and consumption, Approximately 16,000 free residual chlorine determinations are made per year; Bacteriological sampling is also performed to detect and avoid the risk of gastrointestinal infectious diseases such as parasitism and cholera.

According to Energy data, Coahuila remains one of the top 10 places nationwide in chlorination efficiency, reaching 96%, which is one percentage point above. national goal.

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