AGT’s Heidi Klum and Mel B had a slumber party together

Invite us to the party next time! America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League Judge Heidi Klum and Mel B had a slumber party, and it looks like it was a bucket of fun.

The Halloween queen and Spice Girl really had fun, as shown in a post on Klum’s Instagram. In the first short video, they just laugh and laugh, and in the second, Klum explains what they’re laughing about: Bo Burnham and Paul W. Downs shop at a drugstore set to the music of Snoop Dogg. This is from a 2017 comedy rough night A bachelorette party gone wrong starring Scarlett Johansson makes it pretty much perfect for a girls’ movie night.

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“We had so many laughs at our slumber party 🤪 Love you @officialmelb 🎥Rough night,” Klum captioned her post.

In the third slide, the women smile in their matching PJs, and in the last part of the post, they sing along to Khia’s “My Neck, My Back.” (The song is NSFW, BTW.)

There was a steady stream of laughter from the judges’ table as Klum and Brown reviewed fantasy league Act. This also includes the kind that comes from pratfalls. Walking to her seat in sky-high heels, Klum stumbled a bit, and in the video, which she shared The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Fellow judge Howie Mandel checks on him to make sure he’s okay. Meanwhile, Mel is less sympathetic. “You almost pulled me over!” She comments as Klum gets up.

Luckily, the German-born TV personality was unharmed in body and soul.

“It’s so funny, that schadenfreude, you know the word, that feeling when someone falls, everyone was like ‘Ahh!’ It was absolutely ridiculous,” she said, looking back at the incident. Told Fallon. But behind the scenes, it had to be taped back together. Well, stuck. “It literally looks like a cat scratch, but it was deeper,” he told the talk show. Someone had to come and shut it down. It’s amazing, they put this superglue in your wound.”

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America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League Will premiere on January 1, 2024 on NBC, and will feature 40 acts from previous seasons AGT Competing for a new title. Each judge will be assigned ten tasks, making the competition possibly even more brutal than before!

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