Ahsoka” confirms its release for 2023

This Thursday, during the panel Lucasfilm Studio Showcase at Star Wars Celebrationthe release was confirmed for the Ahsoka series for Disney+ with his premiere announcing for the next 2023.

Faced with the long-awaited announcement of the franchise, no official images or previews of the series were revealed to the attendees of the event; but Rosario Dawson She appeared in disguise in a pre-recorded video, suggesting that she could be present at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration event.

In context, it was also confirmed that next year together with Ahsoka The third season of “The Mandalorian” will premiere; as well as the new “Star Wars” series, “Star Wars: Skeleton Crew”of the dayDirector of “Spider-Man,” Jon Watts.

“I have the opportunity to be part of a universe, a team and a world where, even as I get older; could still participate. That’s huge. You know what I mean? To have that longevity with something, in my industry, that you don’t particularly hear about. It makes me feel very grateful”; Rosario Dawson previously featured for Vanity Fair.

“Star Wars: Ahsoka”

In addition to Dawson playing the titular Jedi, the actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo will play Sabine Wren; the young mandalorian warrior from Star Wars Rebels; with Hayden Christensen also ready to appear as Anakin Skywalker. Ivanna Sakhno and Mary Elizabeth Winstead they will also star in the series in pundisclosed Appeals, with Ray Stevensonlisto to appear as the villainous admiralbut not like the Grand Admiral Thrawn.

“Ahsoka is a continuing story”said Philoni recently about the series.

“It’s definitely driving towards a goal, in my opinion, rather than being little singular adventures. That’s what I want the character to do, and I think that’s what the fans want right now. They have a great relationship with her. I recently started to understand that all those kids who saw Clone Wars are now much older, they are very excited about all the things they grew up with, as they should be.

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