Ahsoka Just Used a Uniquely Powerful Jedi Ability

Ahsoka’s strong connection with the Force has been firmly established throughout her many appearances in the animated “Star Wars” show. In “Ahsoka”, she is not only a skilled fighter, but is so powerful that she can easily utilize rare Force powers such as psychometry. Because of this, it is entirely believable that she may be able to maintain a Force Dyad connection with another person. However, dyadic connections have historically required both parties to be attuned to the Force, which is not the case with Sabine.

While Ahsoka and Sabine clearly share a strong (if sometimes rather strained) relationship, “Ahsoka” spends a lot of time highlighting the obvious fact that Sabine is absolutely useless in the ways of the Force. Thus, it should be fairly impossible for Ahsoka to maintain a Force bond with her Padawan… at least, considering that Sabine’s Force sensitivity is at the almost non-existent level that the series has shown so far.

Despite all statements that Sabine is a low-level Force user, “Ahsoka” essentially telegraphed the moment when she finally learns to tune in by including several scenes that tease Force powers before pulling the rug out from under the viewer. teases his successful use of. , At this point, a scene where she finally learns to tune in is virtually guaranteed – and, with that in mind, the fact that Ahsoka is able to locate him with apparent use of the Force Dyad seems like a sign. That Sabine is much more powerful than she thinks.

The most obvious dyadic connection in the “Star Wars” films is the strange dynamic between Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and Rey (Daisy Ridley), a constant presence throughout the sequel trilogy. It will be interesting to see where “Ahsoka” takes the potential pairing between Sabine and the title character.

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