Aicardi (president of small shareholders Juve): «Case of capital gains? I explain you”

Paolo Aicardi, president of Juve’s small shareholders, spoke about the capital gains case concerning the club

The president of small shareholders Juve, Paolo Aicardi, spoke to Tuttosport.

INVESTIGATION«There is a great deal of confusion and a profusion of inaccuracies regarding the Juventus investigation. If I think badly, I can believe that it is to whip the cream against Juventus and, from this point of view, President Gravina positively amazes me, inviting us not to hold summary trials in the media. But I believe that it is also appropriate to order ».

CAPITAL GAINS«First of all, it would be important to emphasize always and in any case that capital gains as such do not represent anything illegal. The capital gain is a lawful operation in every area, it is not prohibited and it is not a crime. Because at this moment the concept of “capital gain” is being too superficially associated with the generic one of offense. Furthermore, the fact that Juventus’ capital gains are illegal is a subject to be demonstrated and I do not think it is easy, because the subject of evaluating a player in a free market remains. Even the famous algorithm or parameters don’t hold up, as Gravina said. The investigators highlight the fact that some of these are “mirrored” or “kissed” or when the values ​​match perfectly it does not prove anything. It may arouse suspicion perhaps, but it also remains undeniable that it is not a crime to exchange something for the same value “.

INFLATED VALUE – “Well, but it needs to be shown that it has been inflated and unambiguously.”

TRUST IN LAMBS – «I have no reason not to have it. Then, if at the end of the investigation I discover that this management has had crazy behaviors, then I will change my mind, but now I have no reason to doubt ».

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