Air fryer, the 7 mistakes you should never make

You love to cook with the air fryer, but sometimes, with certain dishes, it seems that you don’t get the desired result? Maybe it’s because you commit one of these seven errors. Here’s what they are and how to avoid them, so as to always have perfect dishes.

Mistake 1: Do not preheat the air fryer

A good quality air fryer heats up very quickly. It happens that in some recipes the preheating is skipped, when in reality it should be carried out, this will cause the dish to fail.

So, to avoid unpleasant surprises, preheat your air fryer, especially if it is indicated in your manual.

We recommend that you always preheat it, when you need to make cakes and pies, to cook leavened products, or to roast meat or fish steaks.

Mistake 2: Not giving the air fryer enough space

Small appliances and kitchens often have this problem, namely space. If you have your air fryer placed in a counter under a cabinet, you have a real problem. The reason is that air fryers need to ventilate, in fact in the back and some on the front have the fan from which the air comes out. Thanks to this vent, crunchy foods are obtained and the fryer does not overheat.

Follow this advice, place the fryer on a surface where it will have an open space of at least 10 cm on all sides. Avoid placing it close to the wall or stuck in a niche.

Also make sure to place the fryer on a stable surface. Only when not in use can you store it in a narrow space or under a cabinet.

Mistake 3: Air fryer basket overcrowded

The basket of most air fryers is small. There is enough space to comfortably cook two portions of meat or fish, or four portions of a vegetable. We may try to stack or mash foods to get larger amounts of cooked food at the same time, but the results will be disappointing.

Try this trick instead, cook in portions. The cooking of the air fryer is generally faster than cooking in the oven or the classic frying, so if you need to make the dishes crispy, cook the food several times. This will allow for a better circulation of air flow and consequently an even and crispy cooking.

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Mistake 4: Using too little or too much oil

The air fryer has the particularity of frying food without all the oil that is used during a traditional frying, however it is sometimes difficult to understand how much oil the food needs to be perfect. If you use too little or on the contrary too much, the result of the dish will not be the best.

We recommend using only 1/2 teaspoon of oil.

Mistake 5: Cutting vegetables too small

The air fryers are equipped with a basket that allows the flow of air around the food, if you cut the vegetables too finely or in pieces that are too small you risk them falling into the crevices of the basket and burning during cooking.

Cut the vegetables into chunks of at least 1 and a half cm.

Mistake 6: Using batters that are too liquid

Some of our favorite foods are cooked with the use of batter which we know is difficult to cook in an air fryer. Battered foods, such as zucchini fritters, must be adapted to the air fryer, the trick is to make a batter that is not too liquid but thick.

You can use parchment paper to prevent the batter from dripping into the basket, or you can freeze the food that has been battered and then fry it as frozen food. To get a crunchy surface, remember to spray oil spray.

Mistake n. 7: Do not wash the air fryer often

When you cook frozen foods in the air fryer, you will notice little dirt in the basket. So you think there is no need to wash it. Wrong, even small bits of food debris, oil etc can accumulate.

The advice is to always clean the fryer every time you use it. If it is almost clean, after letting it cool, just wipe it with a damp cloth and wipe dry.

Otherwise, wash the drum with warm soapy water as explained in this article.

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