Airline Suspends Flights to Nicaragua from Cuba – NBC 7 Miami

Hundreds of Cubans received the news they least expected: the largest airline that flew from the island to Nicaragua suddenly canceled all its operations.

A Cuban from the island who would travel soon says: “Very bad, a state of depression, we thought we were going to fly in 4 or 5 days and with this news without expecting it… now he says they are going to close everything.”

The airline Viva Aerobús communicated it internally to the agencies in South Florida for no reason, and they do not know why.

From the island, we received dozens of calls from affected passengers asking for information

“I’m going crazy, taking diazepam, the stress that you experience, the sacrifice, and then they treat you like that, while in Cuba they treat you badly,” says an affected person.

Nicaragua recently allowed the free entry of Cubans without a visa, and thousands have taken the opportunity to go to that country. Some venture from Managua to the US border where they ask for political asylum.

“There are many Cubans who sell the house, everything we sell here, and now that they close our passage, we have lost everything,” says an affected Cuban from the island.

The airline says that in 21 days your money will be paid.

But many Cubans, more than money, want the possibility of leaving that country. Several airlines, such as Copa, stopped selling tickets to Central America, Costa Rica imposed a transit visa, Colombia stopped issuing them for Cubans

Panama put transit, now Mexico, Viva does not want to fly, we are looking for alternatives.

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