Aislinn Derbez shows how she takes an ice bath to always stay radiant

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Aislinn Derbez He has been characterized by sharing with his followers on Instagram some of the most intimate aspects of his life, such as his love for nature and also his stage as little Kailani’s mom.

Recently, the daughter of Eugenio Derbez She made a publication in which she showed how she takes ice baths as a way to reconnect with herself but also to help her cells.

aware of the couple of photographs in which she appears in a bathtub wearing a bikini, submerging herself in ice water, Aislinn Derbez wrote a message related to the human body and nature.

The actress wrote: “We are the sovereigns of the millions of cells that live inside us. And those individuals are ready to follow our instructions and they want to be heard and treated with love and respect (as outside, so inside, as above, so below)”.

Aislinn Derbez takes an ice water bath.

“Our body is our kingdom and when we treat it as such the response and connection becomes amazing. If I want to live in a world of more harmony and respect, I have to start with my own world which is my body. And I trust that that will immediately be reflected in my environment,” he added.

Aislinn Derbez takes an ice bath

In a second photograph of lto the gallery of Aislinn Derbezthe actress also appears in the bathtub, while outside, her instructor is with little Kailani.

Aislinn Derbez takes an ice water bath.

“I think that when the body is in alert mode, all the cells are listening and it’s a great time to reprogram it by giving it the instructions you do want for your life (although our mind wants to do the opposite and count the seconds to get out of there (in this case, ice water immediately activates your immune system, among many other benefits)“, he pointed out.

Finally, he left an open question for his followers: “And how do you talk to your body every day?”

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