Aislinn Derbez sympathizes with Kate Middleton on social media

The film actress today through her social networks shared her opinion on the criticism towards Kate Middleton for putting up with his four-year-old’s tantrums and calling him spoiled. Eugenio Derbez’s daughter argued that children are like that and she called insensitive who they call him in this way.

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Kate Middleton is in the eye of the hurricane, since during the Platinum Jubilee to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II, Prince Louis was awarded the leading role, since the youngest son of the Dukes of Cambridge he was making faces and throwing tantrums throughout the event.

Moments that were captured in photographs and videos by the media that were on the scene, to later become a world note and point out Kate Middleton for enduring such behavior. A topic that today Aislinn Derbez approached from the role of mom.

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So through his social networks he shared what he thinks about the criticism of the duchess and called those who stereotyped as insensitive. spoiled The child, in addition to asking for respect for the mothers, since he is judged from an isolated place, these were his words:

I saw this post and I can’t believe the judgment, and the comments of ignorant and insensitive people saying that he is a “spoiled” child for throwing a tantrum. My daughter does the EXACT same thing and ALL healthy kids do it, unless they’re scared of their parents or repressed. More consent education, more patience to the children’s processes and less judgment to the moms please

Each mom will have her point for or against the behavior of little Louis. As well as Aislinn Derbez, some users Internet have also commented on this behavior, most support the position of the media, which is a spoiled child.

For now, I’ll let you draw your conclusions on this highly controversial topic of Royal family.In other news, through her stories Aislinn Derbez shared with us how she plays with her little girl, since while wearing a white dress with red lunettes, she drags her down a hallway in her house, while her princess laughs very sweetly and spreads to the actress, it is seen that she is a very pampering mother.

So far they are the only news that the actress has shared in her social networksbut surely in the course of the week he will surprise us with more news about his day, especially how he spends it with his little girl having fun.

Aislinn Derbez sympathizes with Kate Middleton and criticizes those who call her son spoiled. instagram special

We will keep you informed of any developments that arise, since it is one of the public figures who always shares every detail of her life with her followers on social networks, so follow her on this medium so you don’t miss anything.

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