Aitana goes to party in Ushuaia with Sebastian traveling and a Coperni dress worth more than 700 euros

as the song would say sebastian travel“A night in the sea naked without thinking of taking each other and forgiving”, And that’s what he did with Aitana Tonight, the two of us partying together in Ushuaia, Well, we don’t know about getting naked in the ocean, but without a thought about having a night out drinking, apparently yes. because what happens in ushuaia, has always lived in Ushuaia. And we’re left with Aitana’s amazing dress, What it’s like to watch them in their Instagram Stories and fall in love, yes, we’ve found the firm, and guys, it’s from there Coperni and it costs more than 700 euros. Because if Aitana wore a red knit outfit from the Catalan brand over the weekend, which was far more affordable, or tomorrow she surprised us by recording a recording Video clip with Danna PaolaToday she has gone to a party wearing the most fashionable dress, ‘Great Guy Effect’ and also, more expensive.

Yes, Coppernee Is the Company Behind Bella Hadid’s Spray Dress The one that revolutionized Paris Fashion Week almost a year ago. and nowEtana chose this for her crazy night out in Ibiza with Sebastian Yatra, Although we are not denying that at first glance we thought it was the Pepa Salazar dress that the Catalan singer wears a lot in her concerts. But no, it’s a blue Coperni design for over 700 euros. A dress with a crossover neckline, a slit at the neckline, short sleeves and a drape at the waist with a wrapover overskirt. Let’s have what we call the ‘great man effect’ outfit, although Aitana the great man already wears it as standard.

A DJ that Justin Bieber enjoyed a few days ago in Ibiza, and is still enjoying aitana and sebastian travel With your friends.

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