Aitana, the most tender stylist of José Eduardo Derbez

heirs of talent Derbez but with unique personalities, the children of Eugene They have shone with their own light in each of the areas in which they have ventured. Aislinn Vadhir Y Jose Eduardo they have followed in their father’s footsteps on screen, each in their own way. Nevertheless, Aitana, the youngest of the actor’s offspring is still too young to think about a career in the artistic world, despite the fact that her parents have admitted that they see great aptitude for music and acting in her. However, whether or not the time comes for this 7-year-old girl to debut as an actress or singer, she has already conquered all the followers of her parents and siblings. A few days ago, Eugenio shared a fun moment on his TikTok account starring his youngest daughter and José Eduardo, who, as rarely, showed his most tender side. the protagonist of frozen rent he became the most special client of his little sister, who played beauty salon. Completely involved in the role of her stylist, Aitana washed, dried and combed her brother’s hair, who proved to be very patient, despite everything and who in the process took the occasional tap in the sink. Alessandra Rosaldo, the girl’s mother, was delighted with this scene, because she has already spoken before about how much she appreciates her little girl’s good relationship with her older brothers. Click below to see this funny moment.

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