Aixa Vázquez will be herself on stage

Exploring new challenges always represents a gain for communicator Aixa Vázquez. And if that proposal involves an interaction with the public, it becomes even more interesting.

The opportunity to be part of the staging of Titans Season 3 fills the communicator with enthusiasm, who together with Marilyn Pupo, Lizmarie Quintana, Gisselle Ortiz, Normando Valentín and Uka Green -author of the project- will narrate stories that address the daily life of women in various stages of life. The piece, which was presented in 2017 and 2019, will premiere its third season on August 5 at the Santurce Fine Arts Center.

“I have learned that every day one can be surprised at what one is capable of doing,” reflected the journalist. “I don’t close myself to invitations and opportunities that may arise at the moment, so that’s why when Uka at the end of last year told me ‘I want you to be part of the group’… obviously, yes, one is afraid that one has to fulfill a responsibility in the sense of pleasing people and doing things well, but I gave myself the opportunity because I think that people know me and I want to be myself, so what people will see about it stage is Aixa giving voice to these anecdotes that come out of Uka Green’s pencil”, he explained in detail, and clarified that it is not about acting.

“One is used to climbing on a platform to animate an event, being a mistress of ceremonies. But without a doubt, in what will be a space like this dedicated to theater, it will be the first time, although it is not a play, but rather a reading. I don’t even intend to reach the ankles of any actor in Puerto Rico”, emphasized the person in charge of the space of “Titi Aixa” as part of her functions of Noticentro at dawn (Wapa TV). “It’s a reading show to which everyone imparts their personality, but we always have the reading in hand. It’s not a show where we have to memorize anything. This opportunity is going to allow me to remain genuine because I am not going to dramatize anything. I am going to let things flow”, he reiterated about the content, which humorously presents instances of daily life with which the public can identify.

“It is a gathering that dramatizes the madness of women’s lives with their voice, although this time, just like the previous edition, there is a man, who is the figure of Normando Valentín,” he stressed. “We talk about issues that touch us all because, although we have and are different generations, but we all get ailments at some point, we are going to talk about relationships, husbands, children, about the changes that the body of the woman undergoes. woman with the passage of time, also of technological issues”.

The reporter recalled when in 2017 the journalist Keylla Hernández debuted in the theater with this concept of readings. “They opened the door to our dear Keylla. Practically, she was the one who broke with this that they were only actresses, ”she highlighted when remembering the deceased communicator.

He did not lack love “

Within the excitement of preparing for Titans Season 3the reporter goes through mourning for the departure of her brother Freddie.

“I have never hidden that I lost a brother (Omar) 20 years ago also because he was in the world of drugs. On this occasion, unfortunately, this loss occurs and as I put in my writing (on social networks), it is not that we expected it, but it does not surprise us either because it was always a fear that we all had. When you have a loved one who is in this world, you know that his life can end this way, “he lamented, reiterating that Freddie always had the support of his people.

“My family never abandoned my brother even in the worst moments of his life that he fought against these drug demons. To some extent, what gives us consolation is precisely that in the last months of his life, after wandering for many years, he decided to return home to be with his family (in Orlando, Florida), with his wife and children. . He died in the quiet of his home,” he added, appreciating that he was able to attend his wedding in April.

At this time, the cause of death is unknown. “It is not known why, but we know that for many years he mistreated his body. Here the autopsies seem to take a little longer and they told us that in about three months they would have the result”.

The journalist, who also lost her father in 1998 due to cirrhosis as a result of alcoholism, expressed the difficult times her mother is going through. “He is the second son to lose. It continues to be painful for her. But we have the consolation that we are all united, that she did not lack love, affection ”.

In her case, education as an alternative was one of the aspects that helped her stay away from drug use.

“My brothers, none of them, never even graduated from ninth grade. They saw each other from a very young age seduced by the drug world, ”he recalled. “In my case, the fact that I grew up right there and saw the damage that drugs were doing to my brothers contributed. Instead of looking in the mirror and wanting to do the same, I said, on the contrary, ‘I don’t want, unfortunately, to end up like them’. But I could have been one of them because this is not exclusive to men.

Being determined also paid to get ahead. “I am not telling you that I was an extraordinary student. I studied in public school, but I knew that the only way to move forward was through education. Even when I entered university I had some very difficult years. I had to repeat, I crashed in a semester, they almost took me out of the university, but I didn’t hang up my gloves, on the contrary, I sought help and I knew I had to work with it and I was able to finish. I have always had that mental strength to understand what I want in life, what I wanted to achieve, and that it was going to depend exclusively on me.”

Tickets for Titans Season 3 Available through: www.tcpr.com, CBA Box Office, 787-792-5000 or 787-620-4444.

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