Al-Fateh and Alianza Lima agree that ‘Aladdin’ will remain at La Victoria

Christian Cueva has not been able to run a good campaign lima alliance In recent months, even more so due to the abolition of Libertadores Cup and the act of indiscipline that he committed when the intimate team was playing in Ligue 1. Recently, it was found that Lima and Al-Fateh Alliance They reached an agreement so that the midfielder of the Peruvian team would remain in the blue and white store.

Christian Cuevas lives in Alianza Lima

Christian Cuevas will be in Lima Alliance, After reaching an agreement with Alianza Lima Al-Fateh of Arabia, As reported by Libero. The creative midfielder will stay at La Victoria until July 2024. It must be remembered that Cueva’s contract expired on August 31 this year.

What did Mauricio Larrea say about Christian Cueva?

Alianza Lima’s DT Mauricio Larreira highlighted the presence of Christian Cueva in the squad since his arrival at the club. Uruguay explained that Cueva is an important figure and they want to find the best version of their players: “Christian Cuevas is an important player and of course we have him, today we have had our first contact with the team, and we hope to optimize the human resources to fight for that three-time championship.”

What did Jose Bellina say about Christian Cuevas?

Alianza Lima’s sporting manager José Bellina previously spoke in a press conference about Christian Cueva’s performance, saying that the results were not achieved: “I think earlier, they did a lot to make things go well, but they didn’t turn out that way. He took care of himself, but did not get the results that he and we expected.

On the other hand, José Bellina pointed out that Alianza Lima should have given Christian Cueva a better environment to reach his best version: “I think we should have given Christian a better context to be successful. We all agree that he is one of the most important players in Peru. He could have done more, but he has such a huge regret and we see it daily. We will continue to wait.”

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