Al Horford’s sister lashed out at Draymond Green

yese knows that the duels of the nba finals they are very hard and nobody wants to leave a single centimeter of floor alone and lose the commitment,

For game two, where the Warriors defeated the Celtics 107-88Draymond Green was the protagonist for some personal duels.

This caused Anna Horford, sister of Al Horford, to attack Green hard on social networks for what he showed.

If Draymond can’t break away from an opponent, simply resort to dirty play“, was the first tweet he put.

Later I published again. “And (Jordan) Pole is now following suit. lol“, he added in a separate tweet.

These reactions came after Green received a technical foul in the first quarter for an offense against Grant Williams by the back.

Later, for the altercations he had with Jaylen Brown in the second quarter and, again against Brown where he pulled him from short, he did not have the second technical foul against him.

The game moved on, but Green’s actions on the court continued to provoke anger in Anna Horford, who reposted against the Warriors player.

This time, in a conversation with Kendrick Perkinstestified against the Golden State forward.

How many times Draymond can cut (the game of) Al (Horford) and is not called for that? “He published on his twitter account.

The reply came with “I love Al (Horford), but has to be stronger than thatPerkins said.

“I understand what you mean, but a cut is a cut (of play),” returned the tweet Anna Horford.

The game is over Al Horford only had two points, eight rebounds and one assist. in game two his team lost.

At this, her sister only posted “Dirty game, but we’re alright. Can’t wait to get back to game 3. #BelieveInBoston”

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