Alba Reyes: “Having a town that prays for my baby is a blessing”

Alba Reyeswho on April 12 took to his social networks to ask for prayers for his newborn son, Noah Ryan Alexander Coyne Reyes, wrote a comment this morning to thank the messages of support and solidarity during this period, as well as to offer an update on the health status of the child who was born on April 7.

“Thank you all so much for your prayers and messages. Having a town that prays for my baby is a blessing. I have told ‘baby’ Noah that he has an army of people praying for him and declaring healing.” started the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2004.

In the message, the second finalist in Miss Universe 2004 added that today he hopes to have good news and a “clearer picture”. Similarly, the businesswoman also said that yesterday she received other news related to the health of the newborn “a little worrying, which has nothing to do with this situation, but with something different.”

The Puerto Rican beauty asked her followers to continue united in prayer and giving thanks for her son, whom she considers “a miracle from God.”

“I know that He, who is an absolute doctor, is going to heal and protect him, especially with the power of all his prayers to make it so. I have no words to thank you all for his prayers, which I know are being heard. I love them and I fall short. I am very lucky and so is my baby,” Reyes said.

On Tuesday, the 40-year-old woman from Cidreña shared with her family, friends and followers that Noah Ryan Alexander had been hospitalized for four days – at that time – and that they had never left the hospital since the day of birth.

“Although his condition is stable, he has not shown improvement, on the contrary, it has worsened a bit and could be dangerous. So I ask you to put it in my prayer so that it begins to respond to treatment and we can go home together soon, “said the model.

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