Albert & Charlene of Monaco reconcile around a big rabbit; Al Pacino has an acute Madonna; Laeticia Hallyday takes a double rake, Kim Kardashian for a match; Rihanna feels goat; Carla Bruni gets old-socked

Flowers, Easter bunnies, an arrest, updates: this week, the bells rang at People.

Charlene and Albert of Monaco together in a new official photo, it looks like half a reconciliation. Like an Easter bell, the Princess has returned from her retirement and appeared on family networks next to a large porcelain rabbit who seems to jealously watch over her post-Lenten treasure. The family is reunited, therefore, around Easter, ok, but the photo does not say much else, even digs the suspicion of separation. The Prince, the Princess and their children are seated on the grass in front of the Palace swimming pool: Albert is on one knee on the ground, a little behind and restrained, his wife, in a flowered dress, is seated on small cushions, her children close to her. All in a shades of white/beige. Bucolic, a little melancholy, for Closer, it’s still joy while for Public, it’s a disaster. Captioning “Big discomfort at Easter”, the weekly evokes an imposed session, smiles in the form of a grimace and even calls on an expert in gestures to endorse the distance between the spouses.

Cyril Lignac, baba, is getting organized to welcome his first baby in a few weeks. His schedule was lightened this summer, and his new house in Saint-Tropez is already under construction. “He doesn’t want to miss anything from the first few months,” a source told Here. We also learn that the future dad is already gaga, even a bit too involved, going so far as to give nutritional advice to the future mother, as if he had been doing this (waiting for a child) all his life. Fortunately, his companion, already a mother of three children, does not seem to be too angry with him and appears all smiles alongside the cook, during the inauguration (very successful, we are told) of his first store outside Paris.

Pregnant too, Rihanna faces a turbulent end of pregnancy : at the beginning of the week, his companion is suspected of infidelity, and at the end, he is downright picked up at the airport by the police. How to become a goat! Released on bail for the modest sum of half a million dollars, he was heard in a shooting case that took place last November. The victim, apparently an acquaintance of the rapper, said Asap Rocky approached him with a handgun, fired 3 or 4 times and then fled. It’s a lot ! The diva surely consoles herself by eating not strawberries, pff, so common, but tangerines dipped in salt, because that’s how we eat fruit in Barbados, rinsed with sea water… Yuck .

And again: Al Pacino has a new girlfriend who is breaking all records: Noor Alfallah is… 53 years younger than him! Stronger than Madonna and her 36-year gap with her toy-boy! The little one is 28 years old, the old gentleman 81 and the story has been going on since the first confinement. Relatives are not delighted, (no kidding!) especially since the Miss is a subscriber to the Ehpad club. She has already dabbled with Mick Jagger, 78, a 60-year-old billionaire, and she’s even been seen getting a little too close to Clint Eastwood, 91. But there, she assured that the actor was simply a friend, do not push. Money would not even be the motive, firstly because “the Godfather” has the reputation of having big urchins in his pockets and also because Noor would be the rich heiress of an American-Kuwaiti family focused on the jet-set, showbiz… and geriatrics, therefore.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continue their big Spring unboxing, live from the court. What did we learn this week, during the reciprocal libel trial fully televised? Johnny Depp spoke for almost three hours to present his version of the facts. He returned to the very first moments of his relationship, and by calculating on our pudgy little fingers, surprise! He was still with Vanessa Paradis when he kissed the complainant: a few fiery kisses were exchanged from their first meeting, in 2009 – the Frenchwoman and the Pirate of the Caribbean will divorce three years later. Then he indicated that his own mother beat his father (as much as he and his sisters, for that matter) and that he was probably staying in this violent relationship out of atavism. And finally, he did not hide anything from his consumption of drugs and alcohol, especially when writing a terrible text read aloud, during the hearing, which spoke of making the body of the young woman disappear. . Re-re-yuck, yes! Next step, the version of Amber Heard…

A priori, the cause of the Sussexes is lost. Whatever he does now, they will be judged and stigmatized as megalomaniac and paranoid ingrates. Harry and Meghan paid a secret visit to Windsor, before the opening of the Invictus Games in the Netherlands. Even the royal assistants were not aware, and according to Point de Vue which has the sense of the scene, it would be a bus of faithful on the way for the celebration of Maundy Thursday which would have fanned the affair by seeing the couple. , walking towards Granny’s house. “They taunt the crown” in Gala – which moreover chooses not even to approach the visit, “in full seduction operation” for Closer, a com’ coup for Here, the motivations for this visit are necessarily interested, a simple program “to boost the buzz”, a way to feed their Netflix documentary paid ruby ​​on the nail which for the moment would only count 20 minutes of filming, and more! And of course, Meghan the paranoid will never accept cameras not – stop the Kardashian way. In a Public file on toxic bosses, we learn that in addition to being accused in England of having humiliated and intimidated her assistants, she forced her employees to work during confinement in the United States, asking them to arrive an hour early to be decontaminated, and obliging them by contract not to meet her eyes, or those of her husband.Doctor Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde?

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Ilona Smet said “Yes” in a bucolic setting. Johnny Hallyday’s granddaughter has married her lifelong love, and father of their future child, Kamran Ahmed. “Simple and fresh ceremony” for Public, the reception took place in the Luberon in a small committee. The fifty or so guests watched the pretty couple leave the town hall in a red convertible, the dinner took place in an inn, in the mountains, and the whole family was there: the grandmother, Sylvie Vartan, who came with her adopted daughter from Los Angeles; the father, David Hallyday and his companion; the mother, Estelle Lefébure and her last born, Giuliano 11 years old; the aunt, Laura Smet and her husband Raphaël; little sister Emma, ​​who had been chosen as a witness. Wait…someone is missing there, right? And Laetitia? Laetitia? No, nobody. His announcement must not have arrived in time…

Anyway, she has other fish to fry Laetitia Hallyday. Closer announces a new hard blow, and it is significant: after his gout attack, the sale of Johnny’s mythical house in Marnes-la-Coquette has fallen apart, the candidates having not obtained financing for their project. Put on sale 10 million euros against the 15 that the widow hoped for, it will perhaps be necessary to trim the price again, suddenly, the hope of erasing the tax slate of the deceased husband moves away again and the hebdo estimates that the building will be all the more difficult to sell now that all the family’s personal effects have been moved. Two rakes in the same week, it hurts!

In the cabbage also, the purchase of a new house for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. There, it was the owner who finally retracted. As a result, the two actors continue their research according to pharaonic criteria: the houses they visit have a minimum of 8 bedrooms and cost between 29 and 151 million.

The little world of Louis Bertignac basically revolves around… her navel. A long portrait is dedicated to the ex-telephone guitarist and he essentially reasons in “me I… me I…”, and with a particular boorishness towards his ex, Carla Bruni. “I was never really in love with her. (…) When I made her record, water flowed under the bridges, she got better with age. (…) She made me listen to demos that I frankly found useless. (…) Without me, she would have sold 12 records. “Ah, but no, do not leave, there is a little left for his current companion:” At the beginning, it was not mad love. It was she who chose me. She loved me like no one else. » There you go. Even the child they had together appears as an additional subject, a way not to “spoil this wonderful story”. Is it Paris Match or is it me?

The ridiculous photo of the week, for once, goes to Kim Kardashian. The influencer came out of her house, without laughing, in a half-lit, half-superhero costume: red tights, matching skirt and flame-patterned top. His secret identity is guaranteed by XXL glasses, like a big fly mask, surrounded by black fur. The cliché to puff is published in Public and in Closer.

And the little calva to finish: Public would like Karine Ferri to be pregnant. For justice, Coline Berry lied. Richard Berry’s daughter was sentenced for “false accusations of incest” and will have to pay a total of 27,000 in fines, legal costs and damages; she decided to appeal. Pamela Anderson triumphed in her premiere in the musical Chicago and received a standing ovation. During their first meeting, Johnny Hallyday took Garou for Bruce Willis. The biological father that Marilyn Monroe has been unmasked by a fine French team: Paris Match returns to the whole story and introduces us to Charles Stanley Gifford, runner and married to another at the birth of the sex symbol. Closer has reviewed the birth list of Nabilla’s second child: Hermès, Fendi, from 60 to 2200 euros, a bib, solid silver cutlery or a rocking horse, you will find a trinket to offer her.

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