Alberth Elis and Girondins de Bordeaux say goodbye to Ligue 1 in France; are the descendants


Bordeaux was struck down today and in the absence of developing the last date of football in France, he will be relegated from the Ligue 1 of Gallic football, accompanied by Metz either Saint-Ettener.

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The azulones drew 0-0 against Lorient of locals and although mathematics says no, the Honduran team Albert Elis will be the next descended. Lorient with the draw he was saved from losing the category by adding 35 points.

Just a majestic feat of those that are difficult in football and very unlikely, just like that the Bordeaux from France could be saved from descent. Chances are almost nil.

In the absence of three points, nothing else in dispute Girondins is last in the standings with 28 points, three behind Metz 18°who is the other in dispute but who is located on the rung that gives him the possibility of a playoff.

The most you can get Bordeaux it is to that, a playoff to seek salvation, but for that he will have to wait for several results. A difficult panorama with zero possibilities.

Girondins must win by a difference of 12 goals Brest to aspire to the playoffs, as long as the Saint-Ettener (19th) lose and also the Metz. So only a miracle would make that happen; Bordeaux will play in the second division next season.

Albert Elisscorer of 9 goals in 20 games with the Bordeaux in the season, they have put him on the radar of clubs like West Ham from England, wolfsburg from Germany, Fiorentina from Italy and lately with the Vallecano Ray from Spain. The Honduran will not play with the club in second. In the first instance, he will return to the Boavistaowner of his record, and from there his future will be defined.

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