Alberto del Río, emotional with Undertaker: “I will thank you all my life”

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There are those who accuse it of being “conflictive” and others of being “enlarged”, but the truth is that Alberto del Río is a grateful man and a world figure in wrestling that, on the occasion of entry of The Undertaker to the WWE Hall of Famededicated a emotional message expressing his total admiration and gratitude for how he was received in the American company.

El Patron lived two stages in World Wrestling Entertainmentwhere he was World Heavyweight Champion and was part of a central event of WrestleMania, but part of that success is thanks to The Undertakerwho he said always gave him advice and good words to seek to make him a better character on screen and a better fighter in the ring.

“I am very happy that The Undertaker, the godfather of wrestling, has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame because if anyone deserves to be in the Immortals’ Enclosure it is The Undertakersomeone who has given absolutely everything to this business, his passion for this sport, an exceptional man, of those great superstars who are known throughout the world and by all generations“, affirmed in a video the potosino.

Del Río described the Phenomenon as “the maximum leader” within WWEa guy who always led by example and who became the “conscience” of the company, always in charge of keeping the locker room as close as possible and even being judge-jury when conflicts arose.

“He always had the time to approach to talk to young talents, I was fortunate to be one of them, who came to give me advice what could I improve or change to be a better wrestler in WWE. I also presume to count on your friendshipto have seen him direct the locker room because is the leader this industry needs and that all the young people who were arriving needed to understand the values ​​and respect in the locker room, as well as how to conduct yourself in the ring,” he explained.

Finally, Hercules Potosino claimed to be “grateful for life” for his hospitality and for not being someone envious, on the contrary, for taking care of transmitting all his knowledge to future generations for the good of wrestling.

“Congratulations, Undertaker, thank you for giving your time and your life to the wrestling industryby the time so many new talents included your servant and friend, Alberto del RíoGod bless you and your family, I am eternally grateful to have spent time with you.

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