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More than 40 young artists marched in front of a jury of professionals, all afternoon yesterday at the Carré Public, to be among the winners of the 14th edition of Talents de Quartier.

Yesterday afternoon at the Carré Public, a simple door separated the young singers from the audition room. Just as stressed as each other, the candidates were eager to sing and show off their talent. On the other side of the door, awaited a jury made up of 6 music professionals, also eager to discover the performances of the candidates.

It was therefore in a large room that 14-year-old Maé set off to perform “Wrecking Ball” by American singer Miley Cyrus. She impressed the jury with her talent and her voice. “This is the fourth time that I have auditioned and I was already a winner last year, I am comfortable in this exercise but the stress is always present before singing” she indicates after her visit. .

On the other hand, for Laélia, 16, the stress was at its peak before singing “I am sick” by Serge Lama. “She slept well last night to get ready,” adds her mother. For its premiere in front of an audience, the tension quickly evaporated once the music started. “You arrived quite reserved and everything went away when you started to sing, it’s impressive to see,” said Eric Laurens, the president of the jury.

After each performance, all the young artists were able to benefit from the advice of the jury. “We are always kind and we give them advice to help them progress,” explains actor Stephan Solo. Les Talents de quartier is also a family adventure, like Lucie and Nicolas, brother and sister aged 14 and 11. “We each sing our song individually but next year we will come back as a duo”.

A selection of 12 winners

The seriousness added to the relaxed and warm atmosphere in the audition room when it was time to rate the candidates after their passage. Out of a maximum of 22 points, body posture, quality and accuracy of the voice, rhythm, knowledge of the text, artistic expression and investment were among the points evaluated by the jury.

A task that is not so easy “The more we advance and the more the level tightens, they will all be in a pocket handkerchief at the end, it will be difficult to decide between them and especially to choose 12” indicates Stephen Solo. The 12 winners selected will have the chance, on December 15, to be able to perform on stage during the 100% Live concert, and then be accompanied for a year by professionals to record an album.

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