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The teams of the BetPlay 2023-I League continue to prepare for what it will be like to face the first tournament of the year. Although the champion team suffered several casualties in the first weeks after winning the title that will forever mark the history of the ‘Matecaña’ team, it also formalized many contracts in which Yesus Cabrera, Kevin Aladesanmi and Arley Rodríguez stand out, the latter , two-time champion with Alianza Lima in the Peruvian league.

However, he is not the only player who knows how to be a champion and who comes to reinforce the current champions of the BetPlay League, since the Pereira team signed an old acquaintance of Alejandro Restrepo at Atlético Nacional who won the title in 2022 and a forward that he will have the opportunity to play with his brother in the institution.

Thus, after the departure of Harlen Castillo from the goal of Deportivo Pereira, the name of a champion goalkeeper appears, such as Aldair Quintana with Atlético Nacional in 2022, beating Deportes Tolima in the first semester of the BetPlay League. Aldair completed 137 games with the Antioquia green and had several slips alternating the position with Kevin Mier. His last moments with the purslane box were on the substitute bench without much prominence.

Aldair Quintana has already signed the documents to become the new keeper of the Deportivo Pereira goal and as if that were not enough, he also sealed a purchase option in case the Pereira team decides to access that possibility. It will be a one-year loan, but with the option of signing him if they pay a considerable sum that Atlético Nacional put up.

One could say that with Yesus Cabrera magic came to Deportivo Pereira, but magic is not enough. They looked for a ‘tank’ on the attack front, a scorer who will play with his brother. A champion with Deportivo Cali who knew when Jorge Luis Pinto arrived that he was not going to be taken into account. Ángelo Rodríguez will accompany Arley in the offensive zone in search of winning titles again and with the aim of consolidating himself as the scorer after the departures of Brayan León and the top scorer in the second half of 2022, Leonardo Castro.

With his brother, Arley Rodríguez, Ángelo arrived at Deportivo Pereira. He has already passed the medical examination and signed his contract with the Pereira team until the end of 2023. According to the journalist Pipe Sierra, the 33-year-old striker will be there for one year.

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