Alejandro Fernández celebrates the life of his son Emiliano with tender photographs

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with great joy Alejandro Fernández celebrates the life of his son Emiliano with some tender photographs Posted on your Instagram profile. “El Potrillo” dedicated some moving words of congratulations to his beloved “Chinese”.

These days have been full of joy for the Fernandez familywith the recent Cayetana’s first birthday celebration, which was on March 14. Alejandro Fernández’s first granddaughter was very supportive in helping him get over the death of his father, according to the singer.

The family also expanded with Mia’s birththe first daughter of Alex Fernandez and Alexia Hernández, becoming the second granddaughter of the interpreter of “I dedicated myself to lose you”. The little girl was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, this Thursday, March 17.

Alejandro Fernández shares a message of congratulations to his son Emiliano

Now Alejandro Fernández had to celebrate the life of his youngest son who has already turned 22 and they assure that he looks more and more like his father. The singer published a series of photographs in which the pair appears enjoying their time together and a very special one in which Emiliano is seen as a child with Vicente Fernandez.


Happy birthday, midget. Never stop being the special and unique person you are. May life give us many more years together to celebrate the incredible path you have created and traveled. I love you always ”, Fernández wrote as a caption.

The post quickly filled with thousands of “likes” and comments from celebrities and admirers praising the duo and wishing Emiliano congratulations. “Machine! Congratulations”, David Bisbal wrote to applause. “It seems like yesterday when he saw his little face and now you have to look up to see his eyes”, “What a good job you have done raising these beautiful human beings” and “The children are getting older”, comment your fans.

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