Alejandro Sanz sings “Patria y Vida” with Yotuel in Miami

Photo: Alejandro Sanz | Instagram

Text: Editorial Cuba Noticias 360

Spanish singer-songwriter Alejandro Sanz invited Yotuel Romero to sing the song “Patria y Vida” during his recent concert in Miami.

The artist comes together for the second time to perform this song, a year ago they met during a presentation in Tenerife, Spain, now they do it again when the documentary about the song was nominated for a Latin Grammy. Has gone.

The Spaniard appeared in front of thousands of people at the Cascia Center in Miami, where he invited Cuba to come on stage to perform in a moment that many attendees considered a “unique emotion”.

Yotuel thanked Sainz from his social networks: “Thank you! To exist and to share our incredible talents with the world.”

Furthermore, he assured that his music has enriched us and left an indelible mark on our lives. Thank you for touching our hearts and being a symbol of hope and positivity. Luvuuuuuuuu Boss.”

The popular Spanish musician’s concert was attended by other artists such as Camilo, Camila Cabello, Beatriz Luengo and Elena Rose, as well as the young Venezuelan Joaquina.

“Coming back to Miami is like coming home. Thank you to all of you who have waited and embraced this night as much as I did today. Music is a privilege and we are witnesses to it,” Alejandro Sanz himself wrote on his Instagram profile, alongside several images of the night.

On several occasions, the author of “Corazon Partio” has expressed his opinion on the political situation in Cuba.

For example, his support for the island’s people during the July 11, 2021 protests and his questions about Cuba’s political system are worth highlighting. “How can you call ‘revolution’ so comfortable, indolent, boring, unfair, boneheaded, decadent, stale, obsolete, stagnant, worthless, painful, dull, humiliating, desperate, slavish and clumsy?” Sainz wrote at that moment on his Twitter account (currently X).

As part of the performance of her recent productions, the Spanish singer-songwriter included her song “Labana”, an emotional ballad about a love “that stayed in Labana / That stayed on the ground.”

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