Alex Careta, accused of drug trafficking in FM Case

Humberto Concepcion Andrades, alias Alex Mask, accused of leading a network of drug trafficking on the neighboring island of Puerto Ricois a character that crosses the file of the FM casewhich dismantled an alleged network of money laundering from drug trafficking in the Dominican Republic and for which seven people have been arrested, including a former deputy and a former regional director of Immigration.

Concepción Andrades appears as president of the company AASI Eventos Únicos, SRL, established in October 2016, together with Juan Gabriel Pérez Tejada (alias El Gordo and El Único), designated by the Public Ministry as the ringleader of the group that laundered illicit money in Dominican Republic, in which Concepción Andrades’ wife, Aimee Monegro Polanco, also participated.

“A situation that with respect to this commercial entity draws the attention of the Public Ministry during the investigation is that in the non-annual assembly dated December 1, 2016, which was held with the sole purpose of granting the defendant Juan Gabriel Pérez Tejada, powers so that he could sign checks, certify documents and sign any necessary documentation without the signature of the manager, that is, without the authorization of the accused by drug trafficking: Humberto Alejandro Concepción Andrade, (a) Alex Careta”, specifies the document requesting the imposition of a coercive measure and declaration of a complex case presented by the Public Ministry to the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services of the Judicial District of Santo Domingo Oeste .

Four months after granting these powers to Pérez Tejada, on April 11, 2017, Concepción Andrades was arrested in the Dominican Republic and taken to Puerto Rico to face charges of drug trafficking to the United States, accused of being the leader of a group of 26 people who made up a complex narcotics delivery network within the island’s Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. His partner was also implicated in the case.

In the file of FM case It is indicated that the majority of the transactions in dollars in the banking remittance system of the accused Pérez Tejada were carried out “as of 2017, the same year in which he began his partnership with the accused today for drug trafficking in the United States, Humberto Alejandro Concepción Andrade, which powerfully draws the attention of the Public Ministry during the investigation”.

The amounts of these transactions in dollars, according to the document from the Public Ministry, amounted to 3,827,644.40 dollars between the years 2017 and 2020. The highest amount occurred in 2020, with an amount of 1,469,391.30 dollars.

“These amounts have no justification of any kind, evidently said entity was established with the sole purpose of being used as a vehicle for laundering profits from activities related to the drug trafficking exercised by Andrade and the accused Juan Gabriel Pérez Tejada”, maintains the Public Ministry.

The case of Concepcion Andrades

In April 2017, the Puerto Rican authorities arrested 26 employees of the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, who were accused of forming an alleged criminal organization dedicated to smuggling cocaine into the United States and money laundering.

Humberto Concepción Andrades, identified as the alleged leader of the organization, was arrested in the Dominican Republic and extradited to Puerto Rico the day after the operation that dismantled the group.

Puerto Rican media reported at the time that in addition to a residence in the Toa Baja area, clothing and luxury items, he was occupied by an adult tiger, your pet, baptized as “Tony” by federal authorities. Four million dollars were also confiscated in the operation.

According to the Puerto Rican prosecutor José Capó Iriarte, reported by the news media, the organization used airport employees to introduce the drug to the facilities, thus avoiding the checkpoint of the federal Transportation Security Agency (TSA). Employees from several airlines were involved in the operation.

In 2018, several defendants pleaded guilty to the charges filed in the courts of Puerto Rico, including his partner Concepción Andrades, according to records published on the Leagle and Govinfo websites.

Transport company with a similar name

On the website of the Registry of Corporations and Entities, of the Department of State of the Government of Puerto Rico, appears the company AASI TRANSPORTERS, INC, established by the accused of drug trafficking Humberto Concepción Andrades with his wife, Aimee Monegro Polanco. The name of this company is similar to the one that Concepción Andrades created in the Dominican Republic together with Juan Gabriel Pérez Tejada (alias El Gordo and El Único): AASI Eventos Únicos SRL.

The registration of the company AASI TRANSPORTERS, INC. indicates that it was active between October 21, 2011 and December 21, 2018. Its business purpose was transportation rental and leasing services.

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