Álex González and María Pedraza have been living together for months

To the cheetah keeping quiet, always as discreet as possible “so as not to give work to the paparazzi”, Alex Gonzalez he continues adding new conquests to his sentimental agenda; the last, Maria Pedraza. They already have their love nest: an apartment of around two hundred square meters in a private urbanization on the outskirts of Madrid, which has cost them just over a million euros. Paid for him? That matters little. Love is above those minutiae, what a cheesy would say.

When did you meet? Where did she fall in love with you, Maria PedrazaIf we are allowed to paraphrase José Luís Perales? It was in the same filming studios of Toy Boy 2, the sequel in which both coincided, in May 2021. Alex fell in love with her. A crush on the song, Cupid in action. And they hooked up… The series premiered at the Malaga Festival, both attended the event, but separately, an attitude later repeated in September in a Madrid cinema. And when they went to another premiere, that of María’s film, Egoin November 2021 at the Capitol cinema in Madrid, they also fled from the photographers, to protect their until then ignored sentimental situation.

From Alex Gonzalez We will review some moments of his professional and intimate life. Before you know at least a few brief facts about Maria Pedraza, twenty-six-year-old from Madrid (he is forty-one, a difference that of course doesn’t matter to them). His artistic windfall was when he starred in Elite, in 2018, a Netfix series, and then The Money Heist. Two balls, as is often said in these cases, when an actor finds the platform to make himself known after playing small roles without relevance. Already launched among those attractive young women who claim producers and directors, María Pedraza has pending the premiere of the film in April the crystal girls where she precisely embodies a dancer, which is what she was when, after getting injured, her aspirations of becoming a dance star were frustrated. In her trance, her mother advised her to study dramatic art and thus she would forget that dramatic past of hers to be an actress. And well that she has come out the play.

As soon as he began his intimate friendship with María, Alex Gonzalez He proposed to excite her with several trips, where they could give free rein to their amorous passion. They were last summer in Ibiza, trying not to be the target of the reporters. They then headed to Italy, attending Milan Fashion Week. They then settled in Paris and, like two infants, enjoyed the fantastic facilities of Disneyland. That summer tour program to strengthen their relationship was not bad. When winter came, they went to Baqueira Beret, naturally to practice skiing and other things. Shortly after, they attended the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia. And come the month of January of this year another tribute was given in the Maldives, when their courtship was already beginning to be known by the readers of the pink magazines.

Until he met Alex, Maria Pedraza he had the de rigueur sweethearts in a young woman his age. She was linked to Moto GP champion Marc Márquez. She also with a certain Jaime Lorente. At that time, Alex González was flirting with designer Blanca Rodríguez. Behind, the gallant left a dense list of lovers.

Augusto Alejandro José González, a native of Madrid who in his youth did not even remotely think of dedicating himself to his current profession, had a serious motorcycle accident, at the age of nineteen, when he was traveling with one of his early flirts. He was about to lose an arm. Around that time he went to the cinema one day, to see a film by Javier Bardem, Before nightfall. He admired him so much that he enrolled in the same acting school as the latter, the one directed by Juan Carlos Corazza. Over time, Alex and Javier became friends and shot “Scorpion in Love” together. There, in one of the breaks, that one told him the anecdote that we have related.

the romances of Alex Gonzalez they would give for a lot of pages, if we fully knew the intrigues that he lived with his multiple partners. We only know small details, names of the women he conquered. For example, Chenoa, who after being abandoned by David Bisbal consoled herself with the snuggles that Alex gave her, overcoming thanks to him the depression caused by “there you stay!” of his colleague from Almeria. Alex continued his idylls: a few months with the presenter of The intermediate, Beatrice Montanez. He went to Hollywood, he would shoot some series there, and by the way he became intimate with Penelope’s sister, Monica Cruz. A year of American love. The former girlfriend of Alejandro Lecquio, the unfortunate son of Ana Obregón, Andrea Guasch, was the next in love with Alex González, who later had the actress Olivia Munn in her arms. More consistent was her coexistence with Adriana Ugartewhom he met on the set of Mrs, but they broke up in 2014. Without mentioning the chronology, let’s write down these other names of women with whom the handsome actor was related: Marta Torné, Alyson Eckmann, Carolina Lapausa, Hiba Abouk (his partner in Prince, the series that catapulted him), a Sevillian student named Sandra Silvianes, her coach Amaya Méndez, Carmen Jordá (Formula 1 driver), the designer Blanca Bleis, her own representative Laura Díez-Romeral… Honestly, Alex González would win a contest of seducers . And despite the dedication he gives to his companions and the constant pace of work he has, he has time to play the drums from time to time, which he loves, or practice boxing in a gym, as fond as he is of the sport of twelve strings.

Given the muscle Alex Gonzalez, since he is “a solid guy”, has been tempted from time to time to show his mountain body. But he has a lot of modesty and has always refused that exhibitionism. However, not long ago he had to shoot a scene without clothes, taking great care not to be filmed from the front showing his private parts. But, he had to bend down, he did it with his back to the camera… and he was seen all over! As the producer did not want that scene to have erotic connotations, they suppressed the image in question, using modern techniques in the montage “to reconstruct his testicles”. It is understood that the phrase is not literal, but purely cinematographic.

On February 25, the AmazonPrime series premiered Operation Black Tide, whose argument is partially based on the existence of the first narco-submarine intercepted in Europe. Four episodes in which Nando, his character, a young Galician, amateur boxing champion, an expert sailor but without financial resources, decides to make a living in shady drug dealing. Again Alex Gonzalez He was in a series like live without permission, with a different theme, but associated with the world of drug trafficking. The novelty for the popular actor is that, discarding the sequences in a studio, he spent many hours in a real submarine. He could not free himself, although he bit the heart, from the anguish caused by being under water for so long, sometimes twelve hours a day! Claustrophobia is called that symptom, which disappeared when he returned to the mainland. What viewers ignore when watching the series. That’s when, as on so many other occasions, the true actor knows how to behave, and not posing in the “photo calls” with rabbit smiles.

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