Alex Rodríguez misses the most delicious thing that JLo showed in his car

The story of Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer López went down in history with the arrival of Ben Affleck, but a video of the diva from the Bronx showed the most delicious thing that the former Major League player missed. Keep reading…

Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck They are the couple of the moment, whose news does not escape the eye of their fans or the media, before the most exciting news for their fans of marriage at the door as well as the search for their new mansion, among other news.

Although their love story was written many years ago, this reboot is simply charming, as many show the emotion of seeing them together, like that time in the car where the couple generated multiple reactions to their happy faces at meeting again.

On the other hand, many of his fans still do not forget the romance he wrote with Alex Rodrigueza stage that seemed to be heading towards the altar where they shared together as a family, showing through social networks, the joy that finally ended with the two taking different directions.

However, it is no secret to anyone that heThe diva from the Bronx is a lover of sports and luxury cars just like her ex-partnerlove nest where both exchanged unique and difficult moments that were captured by the paparazzi lens projecting exclusivity behind the wheel.

Surprisingly, JLo shocked everyone after showing in his Toyota Sienagreat team with a power of 266 horsepower and a 3.5-liter V6 engine, the most delicious in an unexpected video that the former Major League player could regret having lost, watching the star savoring a candy and sending lots of kisses.

Reference model Toyota Siena

+ Look what Alex Rodríguez of JLo missed:

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