Alex Trujillo and Héctor Delgado pray at the Medical Center for the wounded agent Waldemar Burgos

While living clandestinely as a fugitive from justice, Alexander Capo Carrilloknown as “Alex Trujillo”, felt anger towards the members of the police and saw them as his greatest enemies, a feeling that, while he was in jail, was transformed by a great respect that today, Holy Thursday for believers, wanted to demonstrate by participating in a prayer circle for the agent’s health Waldemar Burgos Rodriguezshot in the head during a chase that occurred on April 2 on the grounds of the Vista Hermosa residential complex in Puerto Nuevo.

The solemn moment, in which the pastor also participated Hector Delgadopreviously known as “El Father”, was carried out in the roundabout of the Medical Center, in Río Piedras, a hospital facility where agent Burgos Rodríguez has been in intensive care since the attack occurred.

A dozen friends and co-workers of the injured agent —attached to the San Juan Motorized Unit— listened attentively to Alex’s expressions, who took advantage of the opportunity to apologize to them.

“For me, it is a privilege to be here praying for your partner and I want to say that, although I had already asked the people of Puerto Rico for forgiveness, now I want to ask the Puerto Rico Police because I recognize that they are the authorities appointed by God to watch over for the people. In the past they were looking for me and many events happened in which, unfortunately, I marked the Puerto Rico police. Now I thank God that at this hour he allows me to pray for you and that, with that love that he has poured into my heart, I tell you that I love and admire you for the work you do to watch over Puerto Rico and be an instrument of peace for the island,” he said.

Capó Carrillo was arrested in December 2006 after spending years on the run from local and federal authorities, being identified as one of the most wanted criminals. The day of his arrest, in the residential Covadonga, the agents who participated in the operation were received with shots by members of what was his gang. He was sentenced in federal court to 20 years in prison on charges of conspiracy, distributing controlled substances as part of a drug trafficking organization, use of a firearm, and carrying a firearm near a school campus. Additionally, he was sentenced to 35 years on a statewide murder charge. In November 2021, he was paroled under the Parole Board. If he does not violate the established conditions, he will serve the remaining time on January 10, 2024.

Prayer chain in the Plazoleta of the Medical Center in Rí'o Piedras.  Pastor Héctor Delgado and Álex Trujillo participate in the prayer for the shot police officer who is being held.
Prayer chain in the Plazoleta of the Medical Center in Rí’o Piedras. Pastor Héctor Delgado and Álex Trujillo participate in the prayer for the shot police officer who is being held. (David Villafane/Staff)

For his part, the shepherd Héctor Delgado revealed that the initiative to pray and visit the seriously wounded officer arose after learning that, in his critical condition, the policeman reacted to one of his Christian songs.

It is about the melody “If you touched me”, a song he wrote 14 years ago, when he announced his retirement as an exponent of reggaeton to dedicate himself to evangelizing.

According to Delgado, when the agent listens to the song he begins to cry, which shows that “music transcends in the heart of man in difficult moments.”

“It is a satisfaction to know that this praise is a balm in this difficult moment that you are living”pointed out the religious artist.

He added that he wrote the tune at a time when he was looking to restore his life and get out of a depression.

The wounded agent continues to improve

Among those present in the prayer circle was Sgt. Peter Garciadirector of the San Juan Motorized Unit, and who was on the scene when the agent was shot in the head in the middle of a pursuit of criminals in the metropolitan area.

According to García, the agent’s improvement is advancing to the point that he is aware, alert and reacting when he sees his colleagues and relatives.

“He has improved tremendously. I see him a little happier, he is already eating a little better and every day I see an improvement”stood out about his partner, who is also his compadre and godfather of one of his children.

He also assured that he is aware and recognizes his teammates.

“He doesn’t talk much, but he gives his smile… that typical smile of him”he replied, calling the recovery of the policeman “a miracle”.

In addition, he expressed gratitude for the visit of Delgado and Capó Carrillo and highlighted the honesty he perceived from the latter.

“Alex had some situations with the police, but everyone has the right to change. He was one of the first to come up to me and give me a hug. I must say that he has a nice spiritual aura and I really feel what he says. God had a purpose for him and I am grateful that he is doing this work for Waldemar,” she said.

Another who was moved by the initiative was the retired agent Nadja Lugo Torreswho identifies with what happened, because his life hung by a thread in 2006, precisely, during an intervention he carried out in the Monte Hatillo residential.

“This recovery process without support is very difficult. Knowing that there are people praying for you, knowing that we have the support of our blue blood brothers, knowing that they are there is important. And in the case of Waldemar, I feel motivated because I have known him for 18 years and he was with me from day one when my incident occurred. Neither he nor his companions left me alone. Now I am doing the same, ”he maintained.

Lugo Torres lost a leg due to an accident in which a car hit the motorboat in which he was traveling when he was about to attend an operation in the residence.

This is not the first time that the loved ones of agent Burgos Rodríguez go through the agony of seeing him wounded in the line of duty, because in 2008 —while he was off duty in Puerto Nuevo—, he participated in an assault and got involved in a shootout with two robbers, resulting in gunshot wounds.

The three suspects in the attack against him were identified as Miguel A. Forteza Ramos22 years old, Victor Santana Hernandez, 29 years old; Y Pedro V. Nieves Hernandez, 23 years old. The trio was charged and jailed.

In order to defray expenses that they are incurring, the agent’s relatives requested financial assistance from citizens through the ATH Móvil application at the number (787) 374-8816.

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