Alexa Dellanos exposes her rear with gray leggings that outline her figure

Alexa Dellanos He turned heads again on Instagram with a provocative image that left all his fans speechless. The daughter of Myrka Dellanos recently celebrated having reached 8 million followers on the company’s digital platform Meta, formerly known as Facebook.

The young woman became known on social networks for her hot photos that leave little to the imagination. With skimpy outfits and barely-there thong bikinis, the star has made a lot of noise, and her most recent post was no exception.

Despite the fact that Alexa posed with an outfit with more fabric, the sensual touch could not be missing. With some tight leggings to her figure, Alexa posed on her back to show off her voluminous rear that she was outlined. A heavenly background made this image perfectly.

“new collection coming soon,” Alexa wrote promoting the outfit.

The comments on his publication did not wait and the praise was the order of the day.

“Tall! Madam, I have to ask you if you have a license for that, ”joked a fan among the responses. “You rock those leggings,” one fan wrote in English. “A collision [sic] that looks very sexy on you”, a follower added. “My God, how beautiful my love,” another fan wrote. “The perfect body by Lexi,” another admirer wrote in English. “Beautiful princess”, could also be read among the comments.

This publication would be a commercial but in recent days, Alexa had shared even more risque images and here we share some of them:

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