Alexa Dellanos is presumed as a princess in a cute pink dress

For our beloved American model and content creator, Alexa Dellanos, one of the best things about being famous is being able to share with her followers moments that are important to them, but even more important to show off how beautiful she looks in the elegant dresses that she arrives to wear those special occasions.

This time it is about Photographs that he shared with us through his stories of Instagram oficial, a piece of entertainment that her fans have enjoyed wholesale, in which we can see that she was wearing a pretty pink dress, super elegant and very well groomed, she looked like a princess.

In this way, she managed to win over more and more Internet users who come to her profile, some of them already know her and know perfectly well what awaits them, but the new ones end up being very surprised and wanting not to detach themselves from her profile, ready to keep enjoying all contents that he will deliver to us.

The beautiful daughter of Myrka Dellanos She has opened up in the fashion industry and has shown excellent taste, collaborating with important brands and always taking care of all the details to look impeccable.

Something that caught the attention of her fans was the beautiful shoes she was wearing, some sneakers that have a butterfly on the front, a really cute detail that all followers immediately noticed, since it is unusual for her.


Alexa Dellanos Instagram

Alexa Dellanos was presumed in her Instagram stories as a princess.

Alexa Dellanos had shown us that she is well committed to modeling, we have even been able to see that she has made her way in this sector, creating her own path, despite the fact that many would think that she should have followed in her mother’s footsteps, perhaps becoming also in a TV presenter.

Surely the famous girl will continue to share these moments and more professional photo sessions, it is one of her greatest passions and she will continue to strive to deliver top quality results, just as she has done so far.

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