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Born in New York on March 16, 1986, Alexandra Daddario acting discovered her all by herself at the tender age of 11, when she decided what her future would be. His, in fact, is a family of lawyers and politicians (his paternal grandfather was a member of Congress for the Democratic Party for more than ten years).

Raised inUpper East Side, attended the Brearley School, the Professional Children’s School and the Marymount Manhattan College, and for years he studied acting following the Meisner technique.

At sixteen, the first role arrives: in 2003 it interprets in fact Laurie Lewis in the television series The valley of the pines, while in the 2005 debuts on the big screen in a small part of it The squid and the whale from Noah Baumbach.

After a series of appearances in films and TV series (including even The Sopranos And Life on Mars), the career of the young Alexandra comes to a turning point in 2010, when he gets the role of Annabeth in the series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, where he acts alongside Logan Lerman.

Alexandra, with blue eyes that pierce the screen and shapes As a plus, she’s not the type to be imprisoned in a series for young adults, and in the same year she plays her first novella role scream queen as the protagonist of horror Bereavement, which will be followed by key roles in Don’t open that 3D door is in the Burying the Ex from Joe Dante which also led her to the Venice Film Festival. In 2014 its popularity has skyrocketed thanks to the four episodes of the TV series True Detective in which she played the role of Lisa Tragnetti, lover of the character of Woody Harrelson. And thanks also to a nude scene that has definitely not gone unnoticed.

View on tv also in New Girl And The Last Man on Earth, Alexandra Daddario will soon be in theaters in the catastrophic San Andreas, and we will see her protagonist, with Maggie Grace and Teresa Palmer, of the The Choice adapting a novel by Nicholas Sparks.


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