Alexandra Daddario joins the cast of the remake


Chosen the first actress destined to wear the skimpy red customino in the cinematic remake of the cult series. Set mate Dwayne Johnson announces it: Daddario will play Summer Quinn (in the role that was Nicole Eggert). In the cast, also Zac Efron.

The big screen remake of the 90s cult series “Baywatch” is already a cinematic case before shooting has even started. Still in pre-production, the film directed by Seth Gordon (“How to kill your boss … and live happily”) is enriched with a new name. After the announcement of the presence of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron, here is the first of the sexy lifeguards who will wear the unforgettable red customino: it is Alexandra Daddario, the sexy actress launched from the first season of “True Detective”.

29-year-old New Yorker with a breathtaking physique and hot shapes (put well “in sight” in the series with Matthew McCoanughey and Woody Harrelson) but also with a soap and water face, she will not take the place of the busty Pamela Anderson, but will play the role of Summer Quinn, at the time played by Nicole Eggert (who today left TV and is… the ice cream maker).

The official announcement comes from an Instagram post by Dwayne Johnson. The two starred together in “San Andreas”.

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Now it’s official: I want to welcome the talented and gorgeous Alexandra Daddario to the cast of Baywatch for the role of Summer. Alex is a special woman (I know from experience) and I can’t wait for you to admire her in the role. Baywatch’s female roles are highly desired in Hollywood and as promised, the quality actresses we have chosen will play these roles while having fun and making them iconic to the delight of fans.
The “Baywatch Family” currently consists of a tattooed and bald guy named Rock, the legendary and decidedly “ugly” Zac Efron and the talented and gorgeous Alexandra Daddario… and new announcements will arrive soon. I can’t wait for you to find out who we chose for the iconic role of CJ Parker …

Who will take Anderson’s place, then? The mystery deepens and, in the meantime, we invite you to consider the ten possible substitutes designed by

Alexandra Daddario, from horror to True Detective

Daddario (who boasts Italian, Irish, Hungarian, German and English blood in her veins) made her debut with the soap opera “La valle dei pini” and then covered her first film role in the cult “The squid and the whale”. After small roles in series such as “Law and Order” and “The Sopranos”, he worked in “White Collar”, “Parenthood” and, in fact, “True Detective”, in the part of Lisa Tragnetti.

In the cinema, horror seems to be her daily bread: she was scream queen in “Don’t Open That Door 3D” and in Joe Dante’s much more hilarious “Burying the Ex”.


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