Alexandra Daddario married producer Andrew Form: this was their marriage

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A relationship that was born in the midst of a pandemic and in the streets without people in New York took its most important step a few days ago when Alexandra Daddario and producer Andrew Form were married in New Orleans.

A wedding that was originally planned to take place in Europe, since the actress of “The White Lotus” wanted to celebrate by drinking wine, according to the British version of Vogue. “Originally we were going to get married in Italy because I wanted to drink Italian wine for three days in a row, but when I got a job in New Orleans I thought of Allie and Jake (friends of the actress who got married in this city), and we moved to New Orleans. It is a city full of music and life,” she recounted.

for the ceremony, the couple chose the at Preservation Hall, a historic jazz venue. In addition, they opted for a short marriage, but with a great celebration, which took place at the Marilou Bar. “We were trying to achieve a relaxed aesthetic,” Alexandra Daddario told, later adding: “We wanted it to be about music, drink and authentic New Orleans.”

“We wanted the ceremony to be brief so that people could have a dose of love and then go back to music and catch up, “explained the actress, who also shared intimate details of this special moment. “We said the vows, we cried and Andrew’s children were his groomsmen and ring bearers.”he recounted.

An event that was in charge of the wedding planner Michelle Norwood. “She was wonderful and made sure Andrew and I had everything we needed on a very tight schedule,” said Alexandra Daddario.

The actress shared some photos of her marriage ceremony on her Instagram account, which was also uploaded by Danielle Frankel’s studio, in charge of the actress’s wedding dress.

Look at the photos of Alexandra Daddario’s marriage

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