Alexis Vega revives old fight with Rivero and was expelled for hanging him

The Flock striker has a history with the Cruz Azul player, who injured him in a friendly held by the U23 Mexican National Team and the Machine in 2020

The attacker of Chivas, Alexis Vegalost his head in tonight’s game against Blue Cross by directly attacking Ignatius Rivero and causing his expulsion.

This is the second time that both elements live in a difficult situation and where Alexis Vega ended up affected, because in a friendly game between the U23 Mexican National Team against Blue Cross Held in November 2020, the Uruguayan injured the young Mexican.

Tonight the Flock midfielder disputed the ball with his rival, who swept and ended up taking the round cleanly, but knocking down his rival. The sweep upset alexiswho when he got up took the South American by the neck and this led to the decision of referee Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán.

Alexis Vega caused the members of both squads to start exchanging some pushes, while the footballer claimed the card received.

The Herd players tried to calm alexiswho insistently demanded the play of the element of The Machine.

On that occasion Alexis Vega lost the league with Guadalajara and the institution sought to disable the player from Blue Cross. However, the Disciplinary Commission decided not to punish the footballer.

This is the third expulsion of Alexis Vega at the tournament. He was previously sent off against Puebla and Atlas.

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