Alexy Vega would be traveling to the United States to test himself in the MLS; in Honduras, Motagua “is closer”


The Victory is in negotiations to send the striker alexy vega to be tested on one or two of the teams belonging to the MLS from United States.

President Xavier Cruz He mentioned that he expects the deal to close this week. “The team has all the videos, they want it to arrive so that it can be shown and then see if they hire it or buy it at once,” he said in Fútbol a Fondo.

The American franchise where the 26-year-old from Ceiba would end up is Charlotte FC, an institution that joined the MLS in 2020.

The hierarch of Victory He also commented that there is another club with which they have talks about Alexy, but he did not reveal the name; TEN learned that in December they held negotiations with Minnesota United.

– In Honduras, Motagua on the hunt –

Javier Cruz announced that, although “they had a couple of talks” with the leaders of Olimpia, the president Rafael Villeda and the sports director Osman Madrid, the one who has been most “pending” for the services of the left-handed Vega is the one who orchestrates the signings in Motagua, Emilio Izaguirre.

“Motagua is the one that comes closest to what we are asking for,” he declared, detailing that the figure they are asking for is less than 150,000 dollars, which is 3,750,000 lempiras.

And he added. “We are used to (small) teams poorly selling the best they are producing due to financial difficulties, and we are fine, so in that sense we are in no hurry to sell Alexy.”

“We have improved the economic conditions for Alexy Vega so that he feels comfortable in case he cannot leave Victoria,” he closed. Xavier Cruz.

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