Alexy Vega would continue in Victoria for the Clausura-2023, but the board does not rule out a future sale


The fluctuation of news about the fate of the skilled left-handed winger alexy vega Apparently it is coming to an end and everything indicates that he will continue to wear the shirt of the Victory for at least six more months, since the player is one of the fundamental pieces in the axis of attack that the Argentine is structuring Hector Vargas.

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The native of Jutiapa, atlantisin recent months he was wanted by the four big teams in the country and they were even quite active bidding to take over his services, however, they did not fulfill the claims of the Ceibeña board of directors.

At the moment the Victory plans to register the player in the Honduran national championship as part of their squad, in fact, they have sent all their information to the records of the National League so that he can be registered as a footballer for the Ceibo club.

alexy vega interested the olympia but the white club lowered its intensity to sign him, too motagua He claimed it and was one of those who has been bidding the most through his sports director Emilio Izaguirre However the marathon he is the last to enter the bid for him.

The purslane, in fact, have presented a better offer than that of the motagua by the steering wheel but surprisingly when Victory He still doesn’t think of any of the offers made by the Honduran clubs. Royal Spain He probed it this week but they did not think it was the price paid by the blue and white leadership.

Another of the possibilities that were being handled was that Vega would go out to carry out some tests on one or two teams from the MLSbut the operation could not be performed. Minnesota United Y charlotte fc they sounded like future clubs of the ceibeño element.

Being so that TEN has known that the coach Hector Vargas He expressed to the board of directors of Jaiba Brava that he wanted to have the footballer in the tournament Closing 2023 because he had an important role in his strategy.


Even so, within the institution they are clear that a sale of the 26-year-old player would greatly inflate the club’s financial coffers to boost both the first team and the reserves and that is why they do not close the doors to an eventual exit.

This means of communication also learned that the Victory sent the player’s profile to the MLS to find the possibility that alexy vega be seen by more clubs, all with the intention of making more cash from the sale of the footballer.

The dairy squad will be measured on Saturday at Royal Spain in San Pedro Sula for day 1 of the Clausura 2022 tournament, a commitment that is agreed for 7:00 p.m. and where alexy vega could be from the game.


Victoria has appraised to alexy vega in 4 million lempiras and it has not allowed the interesting clubs in it to get off the figure. The doors to negotiate remain open.

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